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The Bizarre World Of Monasteries

By Theodore Shoebat A very rare occurrence has taken place in the Catholic world: a nun has been disbanded from her order, an act that only takes place about ten times a year. This happened to Mother Marie Ferréol who was thrown out of the Dominicans of the Holy Spirit (dominicaines du Saint-Esprit) in France. […]

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Woman In Tennessee Runs Her Car Through A Vaccine Center As A Protest Against The Covid Vaccine

A Woman in Tennessee ran her car through a vaccine center as a protest against the covid vaccine, as we read in Fox News: A Tennessee woman is facing charges after she sped through a COVID-19 vaccine drive Monday, according to reports. Virginia Christine Lewis Brown drove her SUV through a closed course where a tent with “at least 15 people” in the Foothills […]

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The Biden Administration Reveals: US Intelligence Suspects That Covid Came From A Lab

The Biden administration just recently revealed that an element within the intelligence community suspects that covid came from a lab, and that an ongoing investigation has been taking place to see if came by human contact or by a leak from a lab. As we read in Fox News: An administration official told Fox News […]

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