The Keys To Unlock The Signs Of The End, And Why You Must Get Ready To Leave Your Cities

By Walid Shoebat

(Shoebat Sunday Special)

St. Jerome of Bethlehem explained that Isaiah, Daniel and the Apocalypse were sealed until the future when:

“that book can be opened by one who has learned the mysteries of Scripture and understands its hidden truths, and its words which seem dark because of the greatness of the secrets they contain. He it is who can interpret the parables and transmute the letter which killeth into the spirit which quickeneth.”—Saint Jerome of Bethlehem.

“It is who can interpret the parables” without which none can solve the riddles.

Though you have ears you could not hear, can finally hear clearly, though you have eyes but could not see, can finally see clearly.

In this volume we shall unseal (“transmute”) these “secrets” the fathers could not have perceived all the details.

For example, none of the Church Fathers witnessed the plagues, the Industrial Revolution, the French Revolution, the rise of Communism or the unbridled freedom of the West, the two world wars, the making of nuclear destruction upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and then the sexual revolution including this homosexual and bisexual revolution, that is clearly a key mentioned by the prophets regarding its rise in Israel and from Europe and the United States.

In the opening chapter of Isaiah 1, God greets the leaders of the world as such:

“ye rulers of Sodom ye people of Gomorrah.”

Who has ever focused on these or even correctly interpreted such prophecies?

No one.

Better yet; do these prophecies really need an interpreter? Just look all around the world and we see gay parades and homosexuals coming out of the closet with massive support for it.

No one today is interpreting these prophecies.

For decades, I listened to American preachers and biblical so-called doctors and scholars claiming to be ‘watchmen’ acting courageously while rattling their tongues about unfulfilled allegoric prophecies they interpreted as being Rome’s revival.

They never once quoted this prophecy by Isaiah or the ones regarding the rise of homosexuality by Ezekiel, Jude, Paul, John and even Christ Himself who warned about a revival of “Sodom”.

And just like the ignorance of Israel, prior to Christ’s First Coming, these unpopular prophecies are being fulfilled right in front of their very eyes and will become the foundation stone after they are fulfilled.

In all of their schools, government buildings and cities, even at their football stadiums and sports arenas they see all the sodomites “parade their sin like Sodom does and they do not even try to hide it”.

In other words, God says that the homosexuals have come out of the closet.

Everyone sees all the displays and banners proudly hovering everywhere and not a single human being is pointing to the Scriptures and warning the world.

Where are all these preachers, doctors of theology and ‘prophecy’ teachers now?

Why are they so silent?

The answer to our question is simple: unlike the Christians of ancient Rome who were slaughtered and were eaten alive and shredded by wild beasts for standing up for what they believed in, these modern preachers like that of ancient Rome, which they proclaimed that one day will revive, they themselves swallowed their own tongues, for they too fear yet love the coliseum.

In this volume, get ready to spend many months studying what you have never studied before.

I have been working on this volume for three years to only discover what I have never imagined myself to discover–prophecy finally unlocked.

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