Israel Smashes Gaza With Bombs In Its War With Hamas, Killing Hundreds Of People

By Theodore Shoebat

Israel is smashing Gaza with bombs in its war with Hamas as a reaction to the terrorist organization’s bombardment of Israel with its rockets. Hundreds have died in Gaza, as we read in a report from CNN:

The Israeli military pounded Gaza with airstrikes on Monday, saying it was targeting the homes and infrastructure of the Palestinian militant group Hamas, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed “to continue to strike at the targets of terrorism.”

The Hamas-run Gaza Ministry of Health said 212 people had been killed and 1,400 others injured since violence flared last week, in what has become the most serious Israeli-Palestinian confrontation in years. Sixty-one children and 36 women are among the dead, the ministry said
Meanwhile, Hamas rocket fire from Gaza has killed at least 10 people in Israel, including two children, since the start of the flareup, according to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).
On Monday, a fresh barrage of rockets from Gaza once again set off sirens and sent Israelis fleeing into bomb shelters in Ashdod, Ashkelon and Beer Sheva. At least one residential building in Ashdod was hit, the IDF said. Three people were slightly injured, according to the Israeli Red Cross.