Woman In Tennessee Runs Her Car Through A Vaccine Center As A Protest Against The Covid Vaccine

A Woman in Tennessee ran her car through a vaccine center as a protest against the covid vaccine, as we read in Fox News:

Tennessee woman is facing charges after she sped through a COVID-19 vaccine drive Monday, according to reports.

Virginia Christine Lewis Brown drove her SUV through a closed course where a tent with “at least 15 people” in the Foothills mall parking lot. Witnesses said Brown was yelling “no vaccine” as she sped by, just missing seven workers, FOX 8 reported.

Brown, 36, faces seven counts of felony reckless endangerment.

A deputy stopped Brown, who said she was driving through to protest the vaccine, according to reports.

The deputy’s report stated that Brown drove through the site at “high speeds,” with several witnesses saying they were “within inches and feet” of the vehicle as it went through the tent.