Political Scientists Declares: Russia Will Be Facing European Countries In The North And Turkey In The South

A Russian political scientist named Semyon Bagdasarov has warned that Russia will be facing a European threat in the north and a Turkish threat in the south, as we read in a report from SM News:

Russia will be surrounded by NATO in the north and Turkey and its allies in the south. Semyon Bagdasarov, a political scientist, orientalist, expert on the problems of the countries of the Middle East and Central Asia, spoke about this.

He assessed the threats that our country may face in the northern and southern directions. For example, in the case of the admission of Sweden and Finland to NATO.

“Then the border with NATO will be nearby. If I am not mistaken, the border of the Russian Federation with Finland is 1,300 kilometers. This is 3-4 times more than the border with the Baltic States. Everything is changing, and changing quite quickly against the backdrop of all these events. And that is not all. Look what else is happening in the south! We forgot: the same. Another confederate state is being built, led by Turkey. This Turkic Union is the same kind of state. They will also come up with some kind of commonality … and in historical terms, everything is also quite strange, ”said Bagdasarov.

According to him, the Turks use some supposedly common ethnic motif, although the ethnic groups are completely different.

“There is a linguistic similarity, but nothing more. That is, this confederate state is being created already in the south of us. It will also pose a very serious danger to us. You can’t look at this, ”the orientalist stated.

We may laugh at the idea of a European threat. But decades ago the Soviets warned about a revived German threat, and stated this to the Americans when they were working to remilitarize Germany. In 1984, the CIA produced a document in favor for allowing Germany to remilitarize itself and acquire long-range offensive missile systems. The document is entitled, Soviet Views on the “European Defense” Movement. The document reveals a number of things: firstly, that going as far back as the 80s, the Germans wanted to return to militarism and create a European Union army. The document also shows how the Russians were combating this revival of German militarism. The document, in regards to a German-French cooperation at lifting restrictions upon German rearmament, reads:

“West German leaders in particular, while insisting that nothing should be done to undermine Nato solidarity, have made it known that they believe the time is right for closer Western European political and security cooperation. This sentiment within Western Europe has led to some revitalization of the WEU [Western European Union], the seven-member organization formed in 1954 to provide a framework for and to monitor postwar restrictions on West German rearmament. Although the WEU has served mostly as a forum for political consultation, its members, led by France, have tried in recent years to make it into an effective mechanism for coordinating their foreign and defense policies. The French have agreed to Bonn’s request to lift remaining WEU restrictions on West German conventional armaments production in exchange for West Germany’s support for revitalizing the organization. In conjunction with these moves, Paris and Bonn have also stepped up bilateral defense cooperation, most noticeably in the area of joint armament production. At the annual Franco-German summit last May the two countries reached final agreement on joint production of an antitank helicopter and discussed joint development of a military photoreconnaissance satellite.” 

The CIA document actually makes mention of Russia’s warning against German remilitarization. It reads that the Soviets affirmed that permitting West Germany to rearm would “pose a ‘threat to the security not only of its neighbors, but also of distant states’ and warned Bonn that ‘negative consequences’ would inevitably arise if it produces its own long-range offensive weapons.”