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trump speech

Donald Trump Is The Reason Why Roe V. Wade Got Overturned

If it weren’t for Donald Trump, Roe v. Wade would not have been overturned today. Thanks to Trump appointing three Supreme Court Justices, abortion is not longer protected by the highest court. We had our criticism for Trump, but we must always give what is deserved. Trump is the political figure behind the overturning of […]

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clarence thomas

Justice Clarence Thomas Suggests That Gay Marriage Could Also Be Overturned

Justice Clarence Thomas, the Supreme Court’s longest standing justice, has suggested that the case that constitutionalized gay marriage (Obergefell v. Hodges) could be overturned in the future, as we read in Politico: Justice Clarence Thomas argued in a concurring opinion released on Friday that the Supreme Court “should reconsider” its past rulings codifying rights to […]

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abortion protests

Thirteen States Will Be Banning Abortion

Thanks to Donald Trump for appointing three Supreme Court Justices (and thus making the Court dominated by conservatives), abortion is no longer has the protection of the highest court. And now 13 states will be banning abortion, as we read in the Washington Post: The Supreme Court released a decision on Friday overturning Roe v. […]

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My project (35)

Facebook And Twitter Ban My Post Showing A Dead Fetus, Proving That Everyone Knows That Abortion Is Evil And Barbaric

I did a post on Texas banning abortion thanks to the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, and for a cover image I used a photo of a dead fetus. The fetus in the photo died from complications in the womb, but nonetheless I presented it to demonstrate two obvious things: I wanted to […]

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ken paxton

The Attorney General Of Texas Closes Down His Office And Declares: “Almost 70 million babies have been killed in the womb. And so, today at noon, I am closing all my offices as a memorial to these babies.”

The Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, closed his office in honor of the tens of millions of babies murdered in the womb under Roe v. Wade, as we read in CNN:  “Further,” Paxton added, “we cannot forget the extraordinary violence that Roe and Casey unleashed on our nation. Because of those decisions, almost 70 […]

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abortion texas

Texas Completely Bans Abortion. Abortion Doctors Could Face Prison Time

The state of Texas has completely banned abortion, as we read in CNN: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in his statement on the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade announced the statewide closure of his agency’s offices Friday “in honor of the nearly 70 million unborn babies killed in the womb since 1973,” according […]

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