Thirteen States Will Be Banning Abortion

Thanks to Donald Trump for appointing three Supreme Court Justices (and thus making the Court dominated by conservatives), abortion is no longer has the protection of the highest court. And now 13 states will be banning abortion, as we read in the Washington Post:

The Supreme Court released a decision on Friday overturning Roe v. Wade, touching off a cascade of antiabortion laws that probably will take effect across roughly half the country.

Without the landmark precedent in place, the national abortion landscape will change quickly. First, 13 states with “trigger bans,” designed to take effect as soon as Roe is overturned, will ban abortion within 30 days. Several other states where recent antiabortion legislation has been blocked by the courts are expected to act next, with lawmakers moving to activate their dormant legislation. A handful of states also have pre-Roe abortion bans that could be brought back to life.

The mobs of insane women will cry and scream in protest to this Court’s action. Let them complain, let them cry, and just show them what they are screaming for: show them the ugliness of abortion, the dead embryos, the lifeless humans who never got the right to be born under the regime of materialism.