Alexander Dugin And His Daughter Received Death Threats Before Car Bomb Killed His Daughter

Alexander Dugin and his daughter got death threats prior to the car bombing that killed his daughter, Darya, as we read in Lenta:

Versions of the assassination attempt are also being worked out, related to personal conflicts between the deceased and her father, philosopher, public figure Alexander Dugin .

It is reported that law enforcement agencies have seized more than 10 video recorders, and the video is currently being analyzed. According to preliminary data, a non-shell improvised explosive device of about 800 grams of TNT was installed on the car in which Dugin was traveling.

Earlier, Alexander Dugin said that he and his dead daughter had recently received threats from Ukrainian nationalists, but they did not attach any importance to them. Investigators interviewed Dugin.

Daria Dugina died in a car explosion on the Mozhaisk highway in the Moscow region on Saturday evening, August 20. She was returning from the Tradition festival in a car that her father was originally supposed to drive. Investigators opened a criminal case on the fact of a murder committed in a generally dangerous way