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sex traficking

Thousands Of People Are Lured Into Cambodia With Promises Of High Paying Jobs. They Are Then Imprisoned, Tortured And Sold

Cambodia is one of the worst countries on earth when it comes to human trafficking. Thousands of people from Taiwan are lured to come Cambodia with promises of high paying jobs. They are then kidnapped, tortured and sold. As we read in the Diplomat: Cambodia’s troubles with human trafficking have escalated significantly after investigations by […]

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dugin with daughter

Close Colleague Of Dugin: The One’s Who Murdered Dugin’s Daughter Could Have Been Ukrainian Intelligence Or Anti-Turkish Forces

A close colleague of Alexander Dugin, Sergei Markov, has stated that the ones who murdered Dugin’s daughter could have been Ukrainian intelligence or anti-Turkish forces, as we read in Lenta: Dugin’s colleague, political scientist Sergei Markov , listed possible customers who seek to intimidate anyone who publicly supports a special military operation. In his opinion, […]

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Alexander Dugin And His Daughter Received Death Threats Before Car Bomb Killed His Daughter

Alexander Dugin and his daughter got death threats prior to the car bombing that killed his daughter, Darya, as we read in Lenta: Versions of the assassination attempt are also being worked out, related to personal conflicts between the deceased and her father, philosopher, public figure Alexander Dugin . It is reported that law enforcement […]

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