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One of the depictions of homosexuality in the book that angered (rightfully) residents in Jamestown, Michigan

Library In Michigan Has Books That Depict Graphic Homosexual Sex Acts. The People Vote In Favor For Cutting Off Government Funds For The Library

A library in Michigan had books that contained explicitly homosexual content. The people of the town in which was located voted in favor of cutting off state funds for the library. As we read in Bridge Michigan: What started as a fight over an LGBTQ-themed graphic novel may end with the closure of a west […]

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Chechen Jihadists Are In Serbia Recruiting Albanian Fighters To Fight Russia In Ukraine

Chechen jihadists — mujahideen fighters — are in Serbia recruiting Albanians to join the war against Russia in Ukraine, according to the Serbian government. As we read in EurAsia Daily: Chechens opposed to Ramzan Kadyrov are in Kosovo. There they recruit Albanians to Ukraine and plan to destroy the Serbs. This was stated by Serbian […]

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Ingo Gerhartz, a German Air Force generalleutnant (the equivalent of lieutenant general in other countries). He has been serving as the Inspector of the Air Force since 29 May 2018.

Major Leader Of The German Air Force Declares: “We Want To Demonstrate That We Can Be In Asia Within A Day.”

A major leader of Germany’s air force, Ingo Gerhartz, recently declared: “We want to demonstrate that we can be in Asia within a day.” This statement underscored Germany’s desire to project strength as far as Asia. As we read in Diplomat: “We want to demonstrate that we can be in Asia within a day.” That’s […]

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chinese military 3

The United States Government Predicts That China Will Invade Taiwan By 2027

The United States government predicted that China will invade Taiwan by 2027, as we read in Nikkei: With China continuing military drills around Taiwan, preparing for a possible attack on the self-governed island has gained urgency in Japan. U.S. military analysis has predicted a Chinese invasion of Taiwan by 2027. But rising tensions between Washington […]

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japan navy

The Japanese Government Wants To Purchase A Thousand Long-range Missiles To Prepare For War With China

The government of Japan is planning to buy around a thousand long-range missiles as preparation for war with the Chinese. As we read in Kyodo News: Japan estimates that it will need around 1,000 long-range standoff missiles in addition to its stockpile of anti-ballistic missiles as a defense against China’s increasing military capabilities, government sources […]

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putin cooking

Major Companies Have Left Russia, And Huge Sanctions Have Been Imposed, Yet The Russian Unemployment Rate Is Lower Than The European Union’s

Despite all of the sanctions imposed upon, and all the companies withdrawing from Russia, the Russian unemployment rate is beating that of the EU. As we read in Radio Free Europe: Western nations have imposed sweeping financial and technological sanctions on Russia, battering a range of economic sectors from auto production and information technology to […]

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dugina and alexander

The Russian Government Officially States That Alexander Dugin’s Daughter Was Murdered By Female Ukrainian Assassin Who Pretended To Be Her Friend

The Russian government had officially concluded that Alexander Dugin’s daughter, Darya, was murdered by a female Ukrainian assassin, as we read in the BBC: Ukrainian officials have denied any involvement in the explosion. But Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) said on Monday it had solved the case and said that Ukraine was directly responsible. The […]

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