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American Mercenary Says That He And Other Mercenaries Took Russian Soldier, Slit His Achilles Heels And Forced Him To Swim Across A River And Used Him For Target Practice As He Drowned

An American mercenary, alongside other mercenaries, slit the heels of a Russian prisoner of war and forced him to swim across a river and used him for target practice. As we read in a report by Lindsey Snell: “Benjamin Velcro” is former US serviceman and volunteer with the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine, […]

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The Government Of Estonia Begins To Remove All Soviet WW2 Monuments And Will Cancel 50,000 Visas For Russian Nationals

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Estonia has begun its policy of removing all Soviet WW2 monuments that celebrate victory over fascism, and will be canceling 50,000 visas for Russian nationals. According to BBC: Estonia has decided to remove Soviet-era war monuments from public places. The move is aimed at preventing them “from mobilising more […]

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Major Republican Leader Declares: ‘Trump Followers Are A Cult.’

A major Republican leader, Liz Cheney, has described the Trump following as a cult of personality, as we read in BBC: A leading Republican critic of Donald Trump says the party has “embraced his cult of personality” after she was ousted in a primary election. Liz Cheney, 56, was defeated by the political newcomer and […]

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