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Ukrainian Snipers Open Fire On Russian Soldiers, Russian Forces Unleash Counterstrike And The Ukrainians Flee

Ukrainian snipers opened fire on Russian troops, but Russian forces unleashed a heavy counterstrike from which the Ukrainians fled, as we read in According to the Mash channel, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the Russian military in the Elizavetovka area on the border of the Sumy and Kursk regions. After a retaliatory strike, […]

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Ukrainian Forces Prepare To Strike The Russian Border, Russian Troops Hit The Ukrainians Hard And Force Them To A Defensive Position

Ukrainians forces were preparing to strike at the Russian border but were countered by Russian attacks, according to The fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine equip firing positions and dig in near the border of Russia. And the Russian gunners strike at the Ukrainian militants who are in the “gut” that has broken […]

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University Study Finds That 90% Of Tweets About The Ukraine War Are Done By Pro-Ukraine Bots

A study done by researchers at the University of Adelaide found that 90% of the tweets regarding the war in Ukraine were by pro-Ukraine bots. As we read in RT: Researchers at the University of Adelaide have published a landmark paper on the activities of bot accounts on Twitter related to the conflict in Ukraine. […]

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The Russians Could Be Leading The Ukrainians Into A Trap

Some of my observations on the current conflict: NOTES FOR THE VIDEO: BBC: But Ukraine is finding it harder to make gains in the south where they’re more exposed, having to fight in mostly open countryside. An advancing army needs more troops and firepower to overcome a defending army. The danger for Ukraine may now […]

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