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Pro-LGBT Activist Wraps Himself In The Gay Flag And Mocks Christ. Christians Rise Up, Take To The Streets And Clash With Police To Protest The LGBT Agenda

Pro-LGBT activists in Serbia want to have their pride rallies, and in the process of this a gay activist in Belgrade wrapped himself in the gay flag mocking Christ: The Guardian headlined a article on the clashes between police and Christian demonstrators with a photo of mocker:   Serbian Christians demonstrated against the LGBT clashed […]

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Nancy Pelosi Declares: ‘Azerbaijan Wrongfully Attacked Armenia.’

Nancy Pelosi just declared that what Azerbaijan did — attacking Armenia and slaughtering Armenian soldiers — was illegal, which is a smack to the face of the Azeris who claim they were simply defending themselves. As we read in DW: US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday condemned what she described as “illegal” […]

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Photo of mass grave discovered in Izyum

Mass Grave Discovered In Ukraine Full Of Hundreds Of Bodies

A mass grave was discovered in Ukraine full of hundreds of bodies. As we read in DW: It’s only when walking along the forest’s path that the extent of the horror becomes clear. Each of the little dunes is a dug-out grave: methodically emptied rectangles of various sizes, where until only a few hours earlier […]

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