Video Shows Ukrainian Solider Executing Two Civilians In Bakhmut

A video recently came out showing a Ukrainian soldier executing two people:

According to Rusvesna:

Ukrainian militants shot civilians in the Artemovsk region, accusing them of sympathy for Russia.

The footage appeared on the Web thanks to one of the citizens who managed to evacuate from the city. People were shot right on the backyard of a residential building.

According to one report by an eyewitness, the victims were accused of refusing to house Ukrainian soldiers, as we read in Sila-rf:

Pictured is the Artemovsk area at the end of November. An evacuated resident from the territory controlled by Ukrainians told the details of what happened, the material is published by the telegram channel “Two Majors”:

“These are our defenders. They handed over the village in the suburbs, rolled back. There are several kilometers to the front line, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine decided to quarter rear servicemen here. They went from house to house, they say, the glorious 93rd brigade, Cold Yar.

Local residents were ordered: “Get down, we will build defenses for the needs of the country. According to the law of war, you do not give up housing – you are accomplices of the occupiers, a firing squad.

We also read in


A soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) shot two civilians in Artemivsk (the Ukrainian name of the city is Bakhmut). This was reported to RIA Novosti by a source in law enforcement agencies.

The interlocutor of the agency referred to a video provided by locals, filmed, presumably, at the end of November in Artemovsk. It was sent by one of the residents who managed to evacuate from the city. As it became known from the words of the author of the video, the conflict between local residents and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine occurred due to the fact that civilians refused to provide military housing.

The person who filmed the video shared that the Ukrainian military came to those who refused them housing and “arranged this lawlessness as a warning”, probably with the permission of the commanders.

Ukrainian soldiers killing civilians is something I talked about in my most recent video: