Archive | December 10, 2022

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Tensions In The Balkans Intensify As Serbia Wants To Send Troops Into Kosovo And The Secretary Of NATO Warns That War Could Expand Outside Of Ukraine

The Serbian government wants to send a thousand military police into Kosovo, which have not been there since the 1999 war. This want for deployment is happening amidst reports of persecution against the ethnic Serbian population in that country. Serbian officials have stated that a UN resolution permits Serbia to send in a thousand troops […]

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Ukrainian Pilot Who Gains Inspiration From Nazi German Air Force, Gets Shot Down By The Russians

A Ukrainian pilot named Vadim Voroshilov put on his helmet the name “Karaya”, the call sign of the German Nazi pilot Eric Hartmann. He was recently shot down, but survived, and posted this photo of himself: As we read in one report from 360tv: Russian aviation recently shot down pilot Vadim Voroshilov. When he fell, […]

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