Archive | December 19, 2022

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Israel Bombs Hezbollah Facilities Near Damascus

Israel hit Damascus with airstrikes, killing two Syrian soldiers, as we read in Haaretz: Syrian officials said that air defense systems in Damascus were used in the early hours of Tuesday morning, following an alleged Israeli missile attack. According to opposition forces in Syria, two soldiers were killed in the attack, which they said targeted […]

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Ukrainians Take Russian Soldiers, Tie Them To Fences And Pluck Their Eyes Out While They Are Still Alive

Ukrainian soldiers took members of Russia’s Special Rapid Response Unit (SOBR), tied them onto fences and plucked out their eyes as they were still alive. This information comes from Dejan Beric, a Serbian sniper who has been fighting on the side of Russia in the war in Ukraine. We interviewed Beric when he told us […]

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Ukrainian Soldiers Desire To Shoot Man Because He Does Not Speak Ukrainian. Russian Troops Shoot At The Ukrainian Soldiers And They Run Away

Ukrainian soldiers were about to shoot a man because he did not know how to speak Ukrainian. The only reason why the man survived was because the Russians shot at the Ukrainians who then ran away. As we reads in RT: “I almost got shot because I don’t know the Ukrainian language. The only thing […]

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