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Russia Makes New Law: Any Movies Showing Homosexuality Will Not Be Allowed

The Russian government has made a new law prohibiting any films showing homosexuality. As we read in Kommersant: The government approved amendments to the “Rules for issuing, refusing to issue and revoking film distribution certificates”. The change was made in subparagraph “c” of clause 18, which lists the reasons why a rental certificate is not […]

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America Accuses Chinese Pilot Of Getting Dangerously Close to An American Spy Plane. But When You Watch The Actual Video, It Is Clear That Nothing Special Has Happened

An Americans has recently accused a Chinese pilot of getting dangerously close to an American spy plane. But when you watch the video, its clear that nothing really serious or special is happening: / If a Chinese spy plane was nearing the US, you don’t think the US air force would send at least one […]

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