Archive | December 8, 2022

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Report: Ukrainians Held Down Russian Soldier And Cut Off One Of His Fingers

A report containing the testimonies of Russian soldiers who claim to have suffered under Ukrainian detainment, has a story told by one Russian about how he was held down by Ukrainians as one of them cut off his finger. As we read in RT: Russian servicemen have alleged they endured brutal torture while being held […]

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Some Ukrainian Units Are Facing 70% Casualty Rates

According to the Mozart Group, some Ukrainian military units are facing a casualty rate of 70%, as we read in RT: The Ukrainian military is taking massive casualties in the battle for Artyomovsk (known as Bakhmut by Kiev), which is the lynchpin of the Donetsk frontline, the US Mozart Group has revealed to Newsweek. The […]

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