Ukrainian Soldiers Desire To Shoot Man Because He Does Not Speak Ukrainian. Russian Troops Shoot At The Ukrainian Soldiers And They Run Away

Ukrainian soldiers were about to shoot a man because he did not know how to speak Ukrainian. The only reason why the man survived was because the Russians shot at the Ukrainians who then ran away. As we reads in RT:

“I almost got shot because I don’t know the Ukrainian language. The only thing that saved us was that the Azov army got under fire and ran away,” says Arsen, a Russian Armenian from Surgut. Twenty years ago, he moved to Mariupol to be with his mother and met the love of his life there. His girlfriend talks about how her friend tried to remove her mother’s body from the road but was shot by a Ukrainian female sniper. There are hundreds of stories like this one.

Such violence reminds us of what we were told by Dejan Beric, a Serbian sniper who has been fighting the nazis of Ukraine since fight broke out in 2014. We had a conversation with Beric in which he recounted to us the horrors that have gone on in Ukraine (click on “watch on youtube”):