Russian Soldier Refuses To Say “Slava Ukraini” In Front Of Ukrainian Captors Who Try To Force Him To Say It

A Russian soldier who looks obviously beaten and tormented, was ordered by his Ukrainian captors to say “Slava Ukraini”, the mantra of the Ukrainian nationalists.

According to one Russian website:

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, openly calling themselves “Bandera” captured a Russian soldier wounded in the back. But despite the severe wound of the fighter, the Ukrainians cannot beat the nationalist slogan out of him. But the soldier was not afraid of the cruelty and inhumanity of the militants, even for the sake of saving life and health, he remained silent.

— Where is the Glory to Ukraine?! – demanded to say one of the militants.
“He won’t say, I already tried,” the second answered him.

“Slava Ukraini” is the Banderite version of the Islamic shahada which jihadist force people to say under the threat of death. Just as NATO backs Islamic terrorists (“rebels” in Syria), they will also support Ukrainian nationalists.