The Government Of France Declares: ‘Everyone Knows That Ukraine Can’t Win This War.’ Both Germany And France Push Zelensky To Negotiate Peace With Russia

An official of the French government has stated to the Wall Street Journal that everyone knows Ukraine can’t win this war. Now both Germany and France are pushing Zelensky to negotiate peace with Russia. As we read in Kresy:

According to The Wall Street Journal, Germany, France and Britain see stronger ties between NATO and Ukraine as a way to encourage the authorities in Kiev to start peace talks with Russia later this year, after the expected spring counter-offensive. The newspaper cites government officials from these Western countries. This is due to the growing doubts among Ukraine’s Western partners about its ability to regain all of its territory.

Last week, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak unveiled a draft agreement to give Ukraine wider access to advanced weapons and defense equipment once the war is over. The plan would be discussed at the NATO summit in July. The initiative has the backing of Paris and Berlin, and according to newspaper sources, the governments of these three countries hope that it will encourage Ukrainians to start peace talks.

According to WSJ sources, the official rhetoric masks the growing doubts among British, French and German politicians as to whether the Ukrainians will be able to drive the Russians out of their territory, including Crimea. They are also unsure whether the West will be helping Ukraine militarily for a long time, especially if the conflict is “stuck in place”.

“We keep saying that Russia cannot win, but what does that mean? If the war continues long enough at this intensity, Ukraine’s losses will become unbearable,” a French dignitary told the newspaper. He added that “no one believes” that the Ukrainians will be able to regain Crimea.