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Inside China’s People’s Liberation Army _ Preparing For Dangerous Storms - Part 1 _ CNA Documentary 4-10 screenshot

Japanese Government Says That China May Have 1500 Nuclear Warheads By 2035

The government of Japan has expressed concern about China’s military buildup, stating that China may have 1500 nuclear warheads by 2035, as we read in RFI: In a draft 2023 version of Japan’s defense white paper, Japan expressed serious concern over Russia and China’s increased military activities in its surrounding waters, saying they appeared to […]

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Japan_ Preparing for War _ Documentary 2-38 screenshot

The EU And Japan Want To Militarily Deepen Ties In Asia Against China

The EU and Japan have been talking about deepening security ties against China, as we read in Kyodo News: Japan and the European Union are considering issuing a joint statement announcing their intention to enhance maritime, cyberspace and supply chain security cooperation after their leaders meet next week, diplomatic sources said Monday. European Council President […]

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Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow - Paschal Midnight Divine Liturgy 2-23-1 screenshot

Scholar Warns: ‘The Ukrainian Government Is Using Soviet Tactics To Persecute The Ukrainian Orthodox Church.’

A Scholar by the name of Mykola Mitrokhin has warned that Kiev is using Soviet tactics to persecute the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, as we read in Raskolam: Religious scholar Mykola Mitrokhin noted in an interview with Dialog.Tut that the authorities in Ukraine are now using the same methods to fight the UOC that Nikita Khrushchev […]

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