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Former Metairie priest pleads guilty to over 13 counts of sexual battery 0-16 screenshot

Man Gets Lost In New Orleans, And Then A Jesuit Catholic Priest Offers Him Help. The Priest Drugs The Man’s Drink And Then Rapes Him. He Does This To Seventeen Men

A Jesuit Catholic priest in New Orleans has been found guilty for the drugging and raping of seventeen men. As we read in Catholic News Agency: A former Jesuit priest has pleaded guilty to sex crimes committed in and around New Orleans, in which he was charged with drugging and raping 17 adult male victims, […]

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Serbian soldier captured by radical muslims ENG Subs - Bosnian War (Graphic) 1-32 screenshot

People Who Don’t Like Bad Language Are Red Flags

This is a photo taken of a Serbian soldier right before he was beheaded. Before the murderers took his life, they scolded him for using bad language. While they judged him for using a “bad word”, they were murderers thirsty for blood. This is why I say, people who complain about bad language are (usually) […]

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