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Woman Agrees To Become A Surrogate Mother For Two Homosexual Men. The Women Then Gets Cancer And The Two Homosexuals Demand That She Stop Chemo. The Cancer Gets Worse And They Demand That She Abort The Child

A woman got an abortion after two homosexual men demanded that she get one. She was the surrogate mother for the homosexuals, but after she was diagnosed with cancer the two homosexuals demanded that she not do treatment in fear that the baby might get affected. When the cancer got worse, the two homosexuals demanded […]

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Christians In Georgia Attack LGBT Rally And Chase Gay Activists Out

Christians in Georgia confronted and went against an LGBT rally and chased the gay activists out, as we read in RIA: In Tbilisi, LGBT opponents broke through the police cordon on Lake Lisi, where the Pride Week festival was to be held, broadcast by Georgian television companies. ” “Law enforcement officers failed to protect the […]

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Joe Biden Goes Against Ukrainian Membership In NATO, And Warns That If Ukraine Joins NATO The USA Will Have To Go To War With Russia

President Joe Biden has gone against NATO membership for Ukraine, warning that such a thing would obligate the US to have a war with Russia, as we read in AIF: In an interview with CNN, the American leader said that NATO membership is premature for Ukraine. And even after the war, Kyiv can only count […]

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