Federal Judges Side With The State Of Tennessee’s Abolishment Of Giving Children “Transgender Drugs”

The government of Tennessee has prohibited minors from receiving “transgender drugs” and “surgeries,” and of course activists for the LGBT (Sodom and Gomorrah) complained that this is discrimination. But federal judges have sided with Tennessee, as as we read on Life Site News:

Tennessee is likely to succeed in defending in court the state’s prohibitions on minors receiving transgender drugs and surgeries, a three-judge panel of the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Saturday.

Chief Judge Jeffrey Sutton, joined by Judge Amul Thapar, ruled against a preliminary injunction to halt enforcement of Tennessee’s law, which was set to go into effect on July 1.

Sutton wrote that the state is likely to win on the merits of the case, and he argued that federal judges should not insert themselves into the debates about transgenderism and seek to impose a view on all 50 states.

Challengers to the law tried to argue that “the law likely violated the Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses,” but Sutton ruled that “the challengers do not argue that the original fixed meaning of either the due process or equal protection guarantee covers these claims.”

Sutton warned against judicial activism:

That prompts the question whether the people of this country ever agreed to
remove debates of this sort—about the use of new drug treatments on minors—from the conventional place for dealing with new norms, new drugs, and new technologies: the democratic process. Life-tenured federal judges should be wary of removing a vexing and novel topic of medical debate from the ebbs and flows of democracy by construing a largely unamendable federal constitution to occupy the field.

This is so sick and disturbing I just don’t see why it is even necessary to have federal judges make a conclusion that there is nothing wrong with a government banning this insanity. And I find it disturbing that we actually need laws abolishing this demonic agenda, because it should be obvious enough that its evil and deranged. But yet you have sick advertisements like this:


Acting as if a child getting artificial private parts is a “gift to the world”? How? How is this a gift to the world? What does it contribute? Nothing. Nothing but fulfilling the abysmal and demented fantasies of the ambassadors of Sodom. Life cannot be produced without the bringing together of male and female, and these demonic agents have made themselves enemies of life and by saying that gender doesn’t matter. When the world accepted sodomite marriage, that two men or two women could be married, they declared that gender doesn’t matter. So why are we surprised that this monstrosity of boys putting on dresses and saying they are females; why are we shocked that such an abomination exists? “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.” (Deuteronomy 22:5) A simple line, a simple instruction, and yet ignoring it — and embracing the ignoring of it — is bringing about this living nightmare, and supports the creation of zombies.