Ukrainian Soldiers Take Russian Soldier To A Torture Chamber, Torture Him And Behead Him

Ukrainian soldiers tortured and beheaded a Russian soldier in one of their torture chambers. A video has surfaced showing the decapitated corpse:

According to Pravda:

TV presenter and journalist Ruslan Ostashko reports this on his Telegram channel .

During the capture of the stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a torture cellar was found in one of the houses with the decapitated corpse of a Russian fighter – a marine from Vladivostok.

In the same place, soldiers of the Russian army also found the passport of one of the Bandera executioners. This is Mikhail Vasilyevich Chernenko , born in 1980, a native of the village of Sophipol, Kyiv region.

The soldiers of the Russian army will present all the evidence to prove “the crimes of the Bandera Reich and for the convenience of identifying the Ukrainian Nazi,” summed up the host of Channel One.