Anders Breivik Says He’s Against Islam In Order To Get Media To Attack Walid Shoebat

Finally, the truth is revealed behind the intentions of Anders Breivik, the killer who slaughtered over 70 people in Norway. He initially said that he was influenced by Walid Shoebat and other counterjihadists, but now has confessed that he purposely referenced to the material of the counterjihadists in order to pit the media against Walid Shoebat.

Anders Breivik tore a page out of Hitler’s Reichstag / Kristallnacht playbooks and committed mass murder in an attempt to paint his perceived endorsement of Walid’s views (and those of other “counter-jihadists”) as contributing to his killing spree. Hitler’s Nazis are believed to have burned the Reichstag in order to blame others.

The Norway shooter recently revealed that his manifesto, in which he cited counter-jihadists as the source of his anger, was written in such a way so that the likes of CNN would blame the likes of Walid.

Check this out, from Expo News Page (translated by Gates of Vienna):

Anders Behring Breivik has sent a letter to international media that “Expo Idag” has read. He describes the letter as a first step in a “peace negotiation” with his political opponents. In the letter Anders Behring Breivik has partially changed his rhetoric from that used in his so-called “manifesto”. He says that in the manifesto, he was using “the counterjihad” rhetoric to protect “ethno-nationalists” and instead prompt a media campaign against the anti-nationalistic counterjihad movement. He calls this strategy “double psychology”.

Anders Behring Breivik claims that he strives for a “clean Nordic ideal”. He means that the “Nordic race” is about to be eradicated and he wants there to be a Nazi party in Norway just like the party “Svenskarnas Parti” (The Swedes’ Party).

This aspect of the Breivik mindset is not new; it’s the worst part of human nature. The likes of CNN gives it voice, which says much about Anderson Cooper, Drew Griffin, and Randy Kaye.

First, CNN’s Drew Griffin and Anderson Cooper slandered Walid with an egregiously false hit piece on July 14, 2011 to hundreds of thousands of naïve souls (would have been millions if Cooper worked at Fox). Then, just two weeks later, Cooper did it again by linking Walid to a terrorist who had gunned down dozens of people in Norway.

Breivik: Purveyor of Nazi tactics.

Breivik: Purveyor of Nazi tactics.

Via CNN Transcript, Cooper reported:

“The man accused of killing dozens in two attacks in Norway last Friday was an admirer of someone you first heard about right here on CNN. How a so-called reformed terrorist plays into these attacks, next.”

After a commercial break, Drew Griffin and CNN’s anchor Randy Kay piled onto the smear from two weeks earlier:

Kay: New information today that the man accused of killing dozens of Norwegians last Friday was an admirer of someone that CNN recently investigated. In his 1,500-page manifesto, Anders Behring Breivik quotes a man named Walid Shoebat multiple times…

Griffin: …what is so troubling about this connection in Norway, because not only does Shoebat reach out to would-be terrorist over in Norway…

Kaye: This is really so disturbing, because you think about the connection between the Norway suspect Breivik and Walid Shoebat. How much do we know about their connection?

There is no connection.

CNN provided zero evidence that Walid ever “reach(ed) out” to Anders Breivik for one simple reason; they didn’t have any. Neither did they provide any evidence that Israeli Police has ever made statements about Walid’s terror past. Instead, they followed the claims of terrorist Breivik and Walid’s extended family which is all pro-terror. They did so for one simple reason; it fit their slanderous narrative.

Anderson Cooper and Drew Griffin: Calling them Nazi Propagandists is not at all a stretch.

Anderson Cooper and Drew Griffin: Calling them Nazi Propagandists is not at all a stretch.

We see the Breivik mindset at work in Pakistan. There, the angry Muslims thought they could entrap Christians by enacting anti-Islamic Blasphemy laws. Surely, they could catch the Christians insulting Islam. It didn’t happen. Instead, these unhinged Muslim mobs have to frame Christians in order to have them arrested. How is that any different than what Breivik or CNN has done.


It’s difficult for the purveyors and consumers of Nazi-style propaganda to see the error in their ways.

This is why, short of a miracle from God, keeping CNN honest is like keeping Goebbels honest.

Goebbels at a CNN staff meeting.

Goebbels at a CNN staff meeting.



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