Islam’s Useful Liberal Idiots Continue to Walk the Plank with Pleasure

When it comes to liberals in today’s America, the manufactured politicization of race is the lifeblood of their sick, twisted ideology. In fact, it’s actually prioritized over their own self-preservation as is clearly demonstrated by those who insisted Thomas Eric Duncan died of Ebola because he was black instead of demanding that the border be sealed or travel bans implemented. As they argue that not all Muslims are terrorists, these liberals defend the stealth political Muslim Brotherhood jihadists inside the trojan horse who share the goal of ISIS (a Caliphate) if not the means (terrorism).

Here is one useful idiot named Toure’. He equates Islam with race, despite the fact that race does not preclude one from being a Muslim. As he’s making his case, Toure’ relies on a news report by a guy named Ayman Mohyeldin, who has been a reporter with Al-Jazeera, the Muslim Brotherhood’s propaganda arm based in Qatar. Earlier this year, Mohyeldin defended Hamas’s use of civilians as human shields during a news report, as relayed by Here is Toure’ (h/t Daily Surge):

As gone as Toure’ is, his liberal colleague at MSNBC definitely has him beat. Despite the existential threats of ISIS and Ebola, Melissa Harris-Perry is more afraid of woop woops on the top of police cars. Why? Well, because police represent racists. Neither Ebola nor ISIS discriminates based on race when choosing its victims:

So how did liberals like MSNBC personalities Toure’ and Melissa Harris-Perry become such staunch defenders of a religion with a history of slavery that continues to this day?

To answer that question, here’s an archived page from 2003 of a confirmed Muslim Brotherhood front group – the Muslim American Society (MAS). In it, Muslims are essentially compared to pilgrims who took the 20th Century version of the Mayflower to America. It reads:

The call and the spirit of the movement reached the shores of North America with arrival of the Muslim student and immigrants in the late 50’s and early 60’s. These early pioneers and Islamic Movement followers established in 1963. Muslim Student Association (MSA) of U.S and Canada as the rallying point in their endeavor to serve Islam and Muslims in the North America scene. Other services and outreach organization soon followed, such as North America Islamic Trust (NAIT), Islamic Medical Association (IMA), Muslim Arab Youth Association (MAYA) and Muslim Youth of North America (MYNA), to name a few.

Here we are in the 21st Century and liberals deride America’s true pilgrims as pillagers and racists who stole the land. Meanwhile, Muslim Brotherhood operatives – beginning in the 1950’s and 60’s – have fostered a culture rife with useful idiots who hate America as it was founded and who continue empowering stealth jihadists who ultimately wish to steal America and subjugate all non-Muslims like Toure’ and Harris-Perry.


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