Where are Photos of Ted Cruz at Mandela Memorial?

Shortly after news of Nelson Mandela’s death last week, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) issued a press release praising the Communist leader. Despite a backlash from conservatives for doing so, Cruz doubled down, deciding to make the trip to South Africa for Mandela’s memorial. Despite being the only U.S. Senator to attend the memorial, based on both Cruz’s family history and Mandela’s relationship with Cuba’s Fidel Castro, Cruz should have been the last Senator to make the trip.

Where are the photos of Ted Cruz in South Africa?

Where are the photos of Ted Cruz in South Africa?

While there, Cuba’s Raul Castro gave a speech; Cruz reportedly walked out when Castro began to speak.

Yet, to this point, a Google search reveals exactly zero photos of Cruz in South Africa.


Did no one photograph him on his way to the memorial? Did no one photograph him walking out during Castro’s speech?

It would seem, based on Cruz’s expressed views on Mandela, that his office would proudly display such photos.


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  • CaptainCurmudgeon

    It is perplexing…I am beginning to think there is something in the Washington DC water…Ryan’s budget deal is another head scratcher

  • Teresa Geib Bacon

    So he was there, but he really wasn’t? He had no business there, this is just wierd

  • I would like to know why he went in the first place… l do not think Obama would treat Cruz well. l do not think any Democrat would treat him well, and l would like to see a photo of Cruz being there or at least getting off the plane.. l do not like this at all.

  • Redwood509

    No one explained how he flew there, where he stayed, who arranged his pass to the stadium, was he really there? Frankly, he had no business to be there, what for? Is it not enough for Obama to make the U.S look like a bunch of stupid idiots, one needs Cruz to soil his reputation among, thugs, commies, tyrants and common ANC thieves? Why go there?

  • Helen

    Pehaps he really did not go…….That makes a lot of sense…..Perhaps the opposition put out the story of his going to the funeral in order to politically harm him. So many lies come out of D. C. it is hard to know what is truth and what is fiction….Although we know there is very little truth that comes from that hell hole of traitors.

    • mr malanoma

      helen, baby, baby baby, the hell hole is all inside. dont project sister squirell