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Washington Times Picks up on Malik Obama’s Hamas Scarf

Add the Washington Times to the list of publications that have picked up the story on Malik Obama’s Hamas scarf. Soon, these sites should be picking up our more recent story about Malik Obama’s involvement in funding Hamas. Obama’s brother wears Hamas scarf bearing anti-Israel slogans in photo

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AP Cites Rescue Christians in Report on Pakistan Blasphemy Laws

Today the Associated press released a report from Pakistan, which has already appeared in the Washington Post, ABC Internet site, the Huffington Post and many other news outlets across the world. Back on January 9th Kathy Gannon an AP Pakistan based reporter interviewed many of the victims Rescue Christians is helping as well as our […]

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VERY IMPORTANT.. Obama’s Brother Funds Hamas (Proof Below)

By Walid Shoebat A Shoebat Exclusive So if you think that Malik Obama, president Obama’s brother dons a Hamas scarf for sentimental reasons only, think again. The evidence he materially supports Hamas financially is another reason to begin to consider this man’s terror links. As Executive Secretary of the Islamic Da’wa Organization, Malik helps to […]

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Obama’s Brother Found To Be Supporting Muslims Who Kill Christians

By Theodore Shoebat As has been reported already, Obama’s Brother, Malik Obama, has been found to be a supporter of Hamas, as is evidenced by this photo in which Malik is found with a scarf on which was placed the Hamas icon with the Hamas slogan, “Jerusalem is ours – WE ARE COMING!” Hamas is […]

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Christians Are On The Brink Of Extermination

By Theodore Shoebat Patrick Sookhdeo, chairman of the Westminster Institute, warned the world that the Church is facing extinction: Today we are faced with a potential extinction of the church …Not just in Syria. We’ve seen it in Iraq. The church could fall in Lebanon. Bishop Julian Dobbs said Syria “used to be one of […]

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