Christians Fight Muslims With Heavy Canons, Guns And Bravery In New Crusade


By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat

Christians in Syria have risen up in a new militia called The Lions of the Canyon , and they fight with heavy canons, guns, and bravery in a new crusade.

The cries of man are an endless sea, surrounded by precarious lands upon which stand the hollow bodies of volatile souls and empty eyes, with throbbing hearts pumping the coldest blood, as they witness an endless terrain of corpses and anguishing mortals on the moment of journeying away from this transient life, and approaching the transcendent gates of Heaven. And in the timeless realm of paradise where the thrones of bliss reign, lie the saints who weep day by day for justice, as they witness the blood of living temples puddling on the frigid and bitter earth, and their tears rejected by the hardened and impenetrable soils of men’s hearts.

The blood of countless martyrs are found in thick pools in Syria, and from a distance do callous eyes look about, doing nothing and being wicked and slothful servants (Matthew 25:26). In Syria, endless mounds of human bodies lay rotting, and the followers of Muhammad linger about, preying and pouncing upon whoever they can devour.

Here is a photo of Christian martyrs in Syria, obtained by

Christian martyrs in the Christian area of Wadi al-Nasara (Valley of the Christian)

Christian martyrs in the Christian area of Wadi al-Nasara (Valley of the Christian)

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So many innocents have laid their heads on the chopping blocks of the heathens, that surely we can say that we are witnessing what the holy Revelator spoke of when he wrote, “I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus” (Revelation 20:4), and when he foretold that parlous day in which the Antichrist will “cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” (Revelation 13:5)

Christians slaughtered in Wadi al-Nasara

Christians slaughtered in Wadi al-Nasara

The heathens have seized many a Christian girl and ravished them, and being utterly imperious to human affection, shed their blood after degrading their person. The heresy of Islam, having consumed all contentment, leaves their souls ceaselessly unquenchable, and they become as vagrants who walk “through dry places seeking rest, and findeth none.” (Matthew 12:43)

There was a time in Syria when such violence was almost unheard of to the common ear, but for the reason that the nation is plunged into the heresy of Islam, the devil’s entry was easily made. One demon entered, and he took with him “seven other spirits more wicked than himself” (Matthew 12:45)

But, there are those in this nation of Syria who, when they “seeth the wolf coming,” do not “leaveth the sheep, and fleeth” (John 10:12), but sell their garments and buy swords (Luke 22:36). These are the Lions of the Canyon, a recently formed militia who “take up the cross” (Mark 10:21) and “destroy the works of the devil.” (1 John 3:8) They fight guns, big canons, and most importantly, zeal.

Christian militia leader, Al-Yaziji, manning large canon

Christian militia leader, Al-Yaziji, manning large canon

They were founded by a Christian Syrian named Bishr Al-Yaziji, who formed the militia as a response to “acts of killing and looting, theft and trespass”. It began as a fighting force for the purpose of defeating the Al-Nusra jihadists and the Free Syrian Army terrorist organization, two groups that are both antichrist and advancers of “a god of fortresses” (Daniel 11:38).

The Christian militants were trained by the Syrian Army, but this does not negate the holy war that they are in, for St. Paul, who fought against Satan with the Sword of the Spirit, was protected by pagan soldiers when some Jewish bandits attempted to kill him (Acts 23:23-33).

The majestically imposing Crusader castle, called the Krak des Chevaliers (Al Hisin in Arabic), which lies within the Christian area of Wadi al-Nasara (or the Valley of the Christian) in Syria, was seized into the hands of the heretics. obtained a photo of the castle being attacked by jihadists:

Crusader castle Krak des Chevaliers attacked by jihadists

Crusader castle Krak des Chevaliers attacked by jihadists

The very thought that this majestically built castle, which was once esteemed as the “key of the Christian lands” in the Middle Ages, was stolen by the Muslims. The castle was eventually retaken by the Syrian military, and here is a beautiful photo of the Lions of the Canyon standing in front of the wonderful citadel of Christian antiquity:

Crusader castle Krak des Chevaliers, with Christian militants in front

Crusader castle Krak des Chevaliers, with Christian militants in front

Even amongst the ranks of this militia there are Christian women, who like Jael hammering the nail into Sisera (Judges 4:21), fire their arms at the approaching enemies of God. One can see a glimpse of these women training in this video:

Al-Yaziji does not only fight with his arms, but his spirit; for he sings with a most pristine yet rustic voice, heavenly harmonies once sung by the forgotten saints of antiquity, who chanted the verses of Paradise despised by the world in outlawed hymns. Like David, he is a warrior who sings with the harp of his voice to drive out the evil spirits amongst him.

There are ancient songs composed in the Christian Byzantine Empire, a principality that once raised the sword of justice against Islam, that are now sung by this militant of the Holy Cross, and for this reason does he deserve to be called a Crusader.

Here is a video of Al-Yaziji singing the Byzantine Hymn, “This Day He Suspended on a Cross, the One Who Suspended the Earth upon the waters”, and also declaring the truth of the militia to a journalist who was imprudent enough to challenge his holy efforts:

In the interview, the Church militant declares that even the wives of the jihadists must be considered as terrorists deserving death:

The wife of the terrorist who feeds him and cooks for him is also considered a terrorists. So I treat her as a terrorist.

And before you condemn him, was this not the mindset of the holy Joshua, who when fighting the heathens of Canaan “utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword” (Joshua 6:21)?

Christians soldier with Cross and gun

Christians soldier with Cross and gun

The militia is stationed in the area of Wadi al-Nasara, one of the most Christian populated regions in Syria, and they have succeeded in protecting 42 villages and towns, including 33 Christian villages.

With such onerous actions can they be esteemed as truly modern day Crusaders, fortifying their brethren and defending the Christian lands and churches from the slithering serpent of the garden.

In protecting the churches and the villages with arms and the fierce spirit of zeal, these Christians militants are exemplifying the purest form of Christianity, without the taint of beguile and the ways of the hireling, but in following the footstep of the shepherd who sheds the corrupt blood of the wolf before he sinks his scarlet stained teeth through the gentle flesh of the flock.

It is appropriate to praise these holy warriors with the words of St. Odo of Cluny who, when honoring the great Christian warrior Gerald of Aurillac for guarding villages with arms, wrote:

It would be more holy and honest that he should recognize the right of armed force, that he should unsheathe the sword against his enemies, that he should restrain the boldness of the violent; it would be better that the bold should be suppressed by force of arms than that the undefended districts should be unjustly oppressed by them. (1)

Did not Abraham liberate Lot from the hands of tyrants with a private militia of three hundred trained men? Did not Moses slay the Egyptian who abused the Hebrew? Did not Christ Himself drive out the abusers of His Holy Temple through physical force? Why then should these Christians be condemned for defending helpless villages and churches for having “waxed valiant in fight,” and “turned to flight the armies of the aliens” (Hebrews 11:34)?

For, believe it or not, there are leaders in the Syrian Church who have not stood by these defenders of the Faith, but rather “fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep.” (John 10:13)

Church leaders in Syria, both the patriarchs and the bishops, have went so far as to make deals with terrorists who kill Christians, and have even stated that the Muslim Brotherhood should rule over the Christians. As one Christian villager in Saidnaya lamented in an interview:

The problem is the Christian leaders, they are silent, especially after houses were destroyed, Christian girls were sold for booty, and this is something that is very shameful, especially in the 21st century. The Christian institution took a very shameful position. This is not acceptable. Their priority is to protect the Christians!

When the interviewer asked which religious leaders he was referring to, the poor but wise villager declared:

You know exactly who I am talking about! Its a shame! They even support that the Muslim Brotherhood can rule over us! Its impossible to fathom, to come from the mouth of somebody who is Christian. has obtained the full interview, in which the villager exposes how the jihadists are using American and German weapons, and reveals more corruption on the part of the Church in Syria:

The Muslims want to outlaw the ringing of church bells, for the very sound of them agitates the irascible demons. But the Christians put up this beautiful photo with Arabic writing that translates to: “We Will Continue To Sound Our Bells!”


The one who picks up his cross denies himself, and he wars against the devil and his works, and thus becomes one part of the whole body of Christ. As the holy Apostle writes:

For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office: so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another. (Romans 12:4-5)

So, therefore, since a human being has the natural right and ability to defend oneself, thus the Church, functioning as a single human body, has also the natural right and ability to defend itself against its enemies and attackers. (2)

It is this divine law that the Christian militants are observing in Syria. It was in this same nation where St. Paul was told by Christ to open the eyes of the gentiles, “and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God,” (Acts 26:18) and it is in this land today where warriors of the Divine Law combat through guns and ammunition the workers of darkness who live by the sword.

The light of the heavenly sun reflects upon the crimson covered blades of the wicked, and the gleaming blood of the saints shines to all the world, revealing that there is truly an eternal war, in which men of darkness and light fight with one another, contending for the souls of men, and for the establishment of either the City of God or the tyranny of evil.

Within the ranks of the two armies, there are raised flags bearing symbols and images that represent the side they have taken. One side upholds banners upon which lie the image of the lunar crescent, with its sharp tips paralleling the blades by which they slay the innocent, surrounded by the darkness of the night reminiscent to the endless abyss in which the demons sink.

The other army carries high the banners bearing the Holy Cross, and just the sight of such a sublime image brings to mind the weary and hardy ancient warriors of Christendom: bodies sore from the intensity of battle, faces covered in sweat and blood, with eyes gazing upon the sacred wood, upon which the Man, for Whom the universe was made, battled with Satan in the most grueling struggle between two cosmos. And it was this eternal battle, that was to be the model for all those who have entered the Holy War for the One Who suspended the earth upon the waters, and Who Himself was suspended on the Holy Cross.

Christus Vincit!




(1) St. Odo of Cluny, The Life of St. Gerald of Aurillac, 1.7, trans. Dom Gerard Sitwell

(2) This argument comes from Francisco Vitoria, On Civil Power, Question 1, Article 4, 2, ed. Anthony Pagden and Jeremy Lawrance, Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought


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  • richinnameonly

    We know that Christ will win the war, but it’s also nice to know that Christians can win some of the battles.

  • Chaplain Michael

    The First Crusade was a reaction to the call of Eastern Christians being raped, tortured, murdered because of their faith, and unwillingness to deny Jesus Christ. The first Christian lands, centers of Christian learning were killing fields and sources of slaves for the growing Islamic presence. The acts of atrocities and treatment of Christians by those spreading Islamic Sharia have not changed since then, just the weapons used. This modern violence has served as a curtain in which to allow Islamic followers to destroy the centers of Christianity once again. The incredible question is how will the Christians respond along with the church leaders, since Islam got a clear taste how Western Christians deal with its use of the demonic, and have been whining about it for a thousand years.

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  • John A. Patriot

    I say the time for Christians of all denominations taking up arms is Long Over Due; the time for turning the other cheek is well and truly past. The barbaric behavior of these islamic militias, against innocent women, children, Priest, Nuns & Pastors not to forget the horrible fate of the countless Men & Boys of all ages can no longer be countenanced. It is well established in the Bible that under these circumstances the Righteous are indeed “Ordered” to pickup the Sword in protection of their families, villages, and places of worship. The time for pacification & complacency is also well and truly passed, it is time for the Retribution of the Lord… May G_D Bless Each and Every Christian Fighter, and their supporters, may he protect them from the enemies of Christ, Amen…

  • Yvonne Bell

    I was getting so disheartened and beside myself. Couldn’t sleep. No human
    being should be without the means to protect themselves and therefore be
    slaughtered by evil forces. And now that the Christians have been able to
    form an army and are enabled to fight back my hope is renewed. Praise God.
    Thank you, all of you.

  • Evangelical

    I was getting so disheartened and beside myself. Couldn’t sleep. No human
    being should be without the means to protect themselves and therefore be
    slaughtered by evil forces. And now that the Christians have been able to
    form an army and are enabled to fight back my hope is renewed. Praise God.

  • DJ

    My family are Syrian Arab Christians from Wadi al Nasarah- Mishitya. The area is largely protected by the Syrian Army, which by the way, is mostly Sunni. The government also gives arms to Christian villages to protect themselves from the jihadists. I reject the notion that Syrian Christians are in any kind of holy war- not on their part. They fight to protect their country, their land AND their religion. They are never the aggressor nor do they seek out Muslims to harm. They fight to protect their homeland- not because they view Muslims as pagans.

    Syria is for the Syrian Muslims, Christians, Jews, Druze, Alawites and everyone else who believes in a united Syria with religious freedom for all citizens(except for the extremists). It does NOT belong to Saudi/Qatari backed jihadists.

  • Tazay

    Somehow stumbled on here from a post on facebook ><

    What state is the world in, where religions are still killing each other over beliefs? We have long past the time where we should have stopped fighting over religion. Maybe wars should be waged over basic human rights? Not who's dark ages fiction is right?

    This happened to Non Christians during the crusades, it's happening now to Christians in non Christian countries. It shows how helpful trying to express religious dominance is. Quoting scriptures and killing each other isn't the answer. It never has been. The answer is tolerance, understanding, and knowledge.

  • The 27th Comrade

    I am calling on all Christians to leave their current complicity in the anti-Christian system of their current states, and found their own states. “Go out from among them; touch no unclean thing, and I will be your God, and you will be my people.”

    We have here a model for establishing your Christian Free States.

  • Goten Loves Life and Apples

    America and England caused most of the trouble in the fist place when they removed peaceful leaders because they wanted the oil.

  • Goten Loves Life and Apples

    The world has enogh troubles already and the last thing we need is bigoted people fanning the flames of Jihad/crusade or whatever you prefer to call the diabolical act of war.

  • Goten Loves Life and Apples

    By the way I’m replying here because your other comment must have been flagged by someone because i can’t reply to it? By the way Iraq is much worse off now than it was before and so is every other country that was invaded by greedy America. Their is no need for any of this we have the technology to build a peaceful world where everyone can have their pierce of the pie but no the greedy scrooges cant have that now can they?

  • With the weak, dumb uneducated leadership in the White House and a godless media… The only thing we can do for Syrian Christians is help them escape the land and seek refuge in the US but the distribution of visas for foreigners seem very one sided while the US government continues to deny visas to young Israelis, who can tell if they will allow Syrian Christians in the country. I am very, very ANGRY about the senseless killings of men, women and children and I’m praying long for those who are innocent and caught in the cross fire.

    Also American presidents in times past and present, don’t understand the Middle East and their beliefs. You must understand the culture, faith and government before placing powerful weapons in their hands. Know who your real friends are. Finally, they don’t read their bibles and when you understand scripture and the present situation in this part of the world, you will have a lot more WISDOM in dealing with these issues. In other words, America needs to Stay out of Fights God Never gave them to begin with. Wait a year, sit back and see who the rebels are before helping the slaughter of thousands of people.

  • Goten Loves Life and Apples

    Look you can believe me or not when i say your comment wasn’t their earlier and secondly you are supposed to try to be at peace as best you can and most certainly not stick up for unjust wars that’s for dang sure.

  • EyemNotFree

    Stop the modern dark ages. Ban Sharia law.

    • E1_Grincho

      I control you, the monitors in your back are real

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