New Evidence Links U.S. Federal Government to FILMMAKER behind Benghazi Fiasco (Shocking)

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack

The explosiveness of a ‘smoking gun’ email from a White House Deputy who directed then U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to blame a video for the Benghazi attack is missing an essential link, a U.S. Federal informant. The man who made the inflammatory movie himself – Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.

Nakoula became an informant for U.S. Federal agents in a deal (which we have court records) to capture his recruiter in exchange for leniency; this was granted. When Nakoula’s recruiter was caught, he was amazingly let go by U.S. Federal agents.

And here is all the evidence:

The court case for Nakoula can be reviewed when The Daily Beast effectively made the case that Nakoula had very likely been an informant during the Clinton administration in 1997. The Smoking Gun also reported that Nakoula was arrested in June of 2009 on charges related to bank fraud, then wrote:

Denied bail, Nakoula, a married father of three, was locked up at the Metropolitan Detention Center in L.A. when he began cooperating with Justice Department lawyers and federal agents. During a series of debriefing sessions, Nakoula provided investigators with a detailed account of the fraud operation and fingered the man who allegedly headed the operation, according to comments made by his lawyer at sentencing.

Nakoula identified the ring’s leader as Eiad Salameh, a notorious fraudster who has been tracked for more than a decade by state and federal investigators. In his debriefings, Nakoula said he was recruited as a “runner” by [Eiad] Salameh, who pocketed the majority of money generated by the bank swindles, according to James Henderson, Nakoula’s attorney.

Court Document reveals Nakoula becoming informant to help arrest Eiad.

Court Document reveals Nakoula becoming informant to help arrest Eiad.

As a result of Nakoula’s cooperation, Henderson told Judge Christina Snyder, “We all know what’s gonna happen. Salameh is gonna get arrested some day and based on the debriefing information turned over, he is gonna enter a guilty plea or if he doesn’t, then Mr. Nakoula is gonna be called on to testify at trial.”

Henderson was right about one thing; that ‘some day’ eventually came. He was wrong too. Eiad was arrested by Canadian Peel Police (CPP) in January of 2011 as reported by I was notified by Jeffrey Mason, my contact at CPP that attempts were made to turn Eiad over to U.S. Federal agents for seven months but to no avail. After months of unsuccessfully pleading with the FBI to take Eiad, the Canadians put him on a one-way flight to Palestine.

Coincidentally, this was about the same time that Nakoula allegedly began casting and shooting the video using facilities that belonged to Christians. Actors were used and exploited by Nakoula, who dubbed inflammatory lines over their voices.

What we report here is not conjecture and neither is it conspiracy theory. We have the exchanged emails with the Canadian Peel Police from its constable, Jeffrey Mason. Nakoula was allowed to plea bargain in exchange for helping the feds capture someone they didn’t want. What they wanted was leniency for Nakoula. How does it make any sense that the evidence supports that U.S. Federal agents aided Nakoula using a bone to convince judge Snyder, while that bone was thrown away when it was in the jaws of the U.S. Federal government? Nakoula was given a lighter sentence in return for something other than reasons given at the time.

What makes our case stronger is that is uniquely qualified to speak to this because of a familial connection to the maker of the film Innocence of Muslims Nakoula Basseley Nakoula through Nakoula’s partner in crime Eiad.

You can read our previous reports here, here, here, and here.

The administration was helping to push the Muslim agenda behind blaming the video. We know conclusively that the Obama Justice Department was involved with the maker of the video as early as 2009.

Obama and Hillary: We had 'nothing to do with' this.

Obama and Hillary: We had ‘nothing to do with’ this.

And there is more. Earlier this year, reported on a mysterious call Walid received from the maker of the film himself, Nakoula (we have it recorded). What is more mysterious is how Nakoula got Walid’s private contact numbers at a time Walid reported publicly in an interview with WRKO talk show host Jeffrey Kuhner, that he was being harassed and that his phone conversations were being monitored and / or tapped.

When asked, Nakoula said he got it from an individual. When we checked with that individual, he was amazed stating that he “didn’t give it to him”.

And how could Nakoula even know that individual without knowing Walid’s phone records? As for the purpose of the call, Nakoula wanted us to help him clear the name of his longtime partner in crime – Eiad.

America has been told that Nakoula is an “Anti-Islam filmmaker” who is a Coptic Christian from Egypt. Yet, Eiad is a Muslim fundamentalist who hates Copts. It made no sense for him to partner with a Coptic Christian for so many years, nor did it make sense that the supposed Coptic Christian (Nakoula) would be so interested in clearing a Muslim fundamentalist’s name.

Nakoula: 'Christian' partnered in crime with Muslim fundamentalist.

Nakoula: ‘Christian’ partnered in crime with Muslim fundamentalist.

So here is what we conclude:

The White House has officially been caught lying about the video being responsible for the attacks. Shouldn’t everything it asserted about the video be called into question? For example, a mantra that came out of the mouths of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton repeatedly was that the video was something the United States government had absolutely “nothing to do with”.

Hillary on September 14, 2012, hours prior to the ‘smoking gun’ email sent by White House Deputy Ben Rhodes:

Hillary on September 13, 2012 in a promotional video for Pakistan:

Barack Obama on September 25, 2012 at the United Nations:

Two days after the Benghazi attacks, revealed the motive behind Muslims in the Middle East blaming the video. That motive was simple and calculated; it was to pressure non-Muslim countries to enact and enforce laws that would make any and all criticism of Islam illegal and punishable. During his September 18, 2012 interview with David Letterman, Obama said the video caused great offense in the Muslim world and then stated, “extremists and terrorists used this as an excuse to attack a variety of our embassies”, which shows he understood at least part of the motive. He knew what the Muslim fundamentalist agenda was and continued lying about the video being responsible, which had the effect of aiding and abetting those fundamentalists:

Despite knowing that Benghazi was not about a video, the Obama administration – and Obama himself – continued to push the narrative that the video was responsible for both Benghazi and the larger unrest in the Middle East. This allowed Muslims who wanted to criminalize criticism of Islam in non-Muslim countries to share at least the means behind furtherance of an agenda, with the Obama administration.

Conventional wisdom is that the Obama administration blamed the video exclusively because it didn’t want harm to come to the election year narrative that “al-Qaeda was on the run”. However, when one trafficks in tangled webs, there is seldom one reason for anything. It’s quite possible that the truth about Benghazi would reveal a dastardly operation – reportedly run by then CIA Director David Petraeus – to run weapons out of Libya and to Syria through Turkey. This operation allegedly began in early 2012, which would put the blood of four dead Americans on the hands of many in the administration.

The fact remains that by pushing the movie narrative on Benghazi, the Obama administration was pushing a Muslim fundamentalist agenda, which was to criminalize speech.

When it comes to Nakoula’s schemes, in fact, Eiad was identified as the bigger fish.

In 2009, Nakoula accepted a lighter sentence in exchange for his help in arresting Eiad.

Nakoula became a federal informant, which makes him an agent of the U.S. Government; he was involved with the Obama administration, as reported.

How would I know all this? How was I made involved in all this?

EIAD SALAMEH is my FIRST cousin.


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  • Quote: “… a mantra that came out of the mouths of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton repeatedly was that the video was something the United States government had absolutely “nothing to do with”.”
    LOL – The IMMEDIATE DENIAL during the first few days and before any investigations had been completed on Benghazi made this whole thing “suspect” from the beginning. This smells of a guilty party “trying” to mislead others by attempting to absolve itself of something they had been part of. This seemed odd from the very beginning when Hillary and Obama came out with their comments on this.

    • In continuation…Here is a comment posted at another site in August of 2013, about my thoughts on this during that time:

      The “bogus video” was apparently the ploy to give reason for and to stage the planned kidnapping of Ambassador Stevens. During a news conference shortly after the Benghazi incident, Hillary Clinton stated something to the effect that “Our government had nothing to do with the production of the video.” Why would she have said that just out of the blue? Looks like it may turn out that the Administration did, in fact, have something to do with producing that anti-Islamic video in order to have an excuse to create the planned chaos that was supposed to have led to the kidnapping of Ambassador Stevens. The plans went awry and now they’re trying to cover it up.

      • Michael

        Bingo !!! That’s it. It was a plan hatched by Morsi ( Egypt former Muslim BroHOOD president ) Obama and Hillary to snatch Ambassador Stevens and ransom him back for Omar Abdel-Rahman ( blind sheik) the mastermind of Twin Towers 1.0 bombing. They have all talked about his release , but knew release wouldn’t fly , and that trading him for the ransom of an Ambassador might go over with the public.

        Corrupt , in bed with the Muslim BroHOOD , that’s our government.

      • CaptainCurmudgeon

        A playbook used before…and that Stevens had met secretly with the House Intel Committee and senator Inhofe, perhaps the kidnap turned to a hit..never tried to save the other CIA folks there …so perhaps they were wanted dead too…yes, Morsi was a long time tool of Hillary’s ..she met through Huma’s MB mother…struck that the MB were the original Nazi’s with Hitler–Keep that in mind

        • momprayn

          Thanks ATB – didn’t know that about the MB – as I assume most Americans don’t. Another thing to try to get out…….

          • CaptainCurmudgeon

            Hope Walid will post this white paper

          • momprayn

            If you haven’t tried – perhaps try to contact him. I’ve seen him answer some of these posts too.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      We can’t forget Candy Crowley stepping in during the debate with Mitt Romney-she threw a cloak around Obama. Funny thing for a ‘moderator’ to do.

      • Kkdgrace

        Yea- she was mighty quick about doing so, wasn’t she?. Just “happened” to have the points to refute Romney RIGHT THERE! Was so sickened to see the smug and smirk on O’s face as she rapidly came to his defense.

        • Julie LaBrecque

          She sure was! She was loaded and ready to cock the barrel to defend her man!

  • momprayn

    Thank you so much — you are uniquely invaluable to us for this info. I always try to post it elsewhere. I’m sure God has raised you up for such a time as this…….and what a time it is!

    • CaptainCurmudgeon

      Tand J where is V? U is a shill..America

      • momprayn

        Hey – is this ATB? LOL Yes, disappointed with U – but guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Haven’t seen V – unless he’s under a different name?
        Maybe I’ll be “seeing you” here now and then……….

        • CaptainCurmudgeon

          Yes indeed…article u posted from Doug is all about V and Holder

          • momprayn

            WHAT?!! I have replied to you at CFP
            Explains comments, trip, etc……………PRAY!!!

      • momprayn

        But I did see Bill O’ either here or WND I think – not sure now. It’s been a few weeks – if that was him – using same name.

  • Fr Christopher P. Kelley, DD

    And Obama’s web tangles more and more! (Is he a spider in disguise?) BEN Rhodes, of Besmirched House ill-fame, is the BROTHER of DAVID Rhodes, the President of CBS News! No wonder CBS had ZIP, NADA, ZILCH, on the Breaking Benghazi emails scandal! (Who will do the exorcism at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue when this is done?)

  • Shiori_Uyoku

    Bless you Walid. As usual you get the entire story. I wish to God you were an adviser on Muslim matters – perhaps if we ever get a sensible administration? Keep up the great work Walid – you are tireless and possess a strength and resolve that can only come from God. Thank you Sir.

  • richinnameonly

    This is a continuation of extremely important information of the video serving at least two purposes; a Benghazi scapegoat and a reason to ban criticism of Islam. As I’ve said before, we are approaching a situation where criticism of Islam could be banned while there is no protection for other religions such as Christianity and Judaism.

  • CaptainCurmudgeon

    Same play book as WACO…so one imagine both Hillary and Holder were involved …using the old WACO play book….

    In Waco, they made the film about Koresh before attacking and killing those in the compound. The FBI, under Holder, trained for weeks with the Seal Team in Commando Tactics before even going into Waco…then, it was about taking guns away and demonizing Evangelists…
    The ensuing court case where they claimed the FBI went in because Koresh was a pedophile and abusing kids was NOT proven as their only witness was one girl who was deemed a known liar who had been sent away to others and didn’t live at the compound. Those in the compound were proven to be a steady group of people interested in bible study, a Harvard bible scholar professor among other stable people. Holder wanted to take their guns and set precedent on gun buying and selling as Koresh made his living buying and selling guns LEGALLY.

  • pookieamos

    Here’s what I think happened. I believe that Ambassador Stevens security was intentionally weakened to facilitate his kidnapping…….The two who responded were told to stand down but they didn’t , they proceeded to the compound ignoring orders…When they showed up and started killing the terrorist , they killed Stevens….I believe this was a staged kidnapping to exchange Stevens for the Blind Shiek but what do I know , I’m just a housewife…..This entire thing stinks to high heaven and Clinton , she’s a heartless , cold , evil and calculating witch…..

  • Influence Freedom

    Not even one second passed from them announcing the video to blame, did I start researching it and the casting call etc., and we knew instantaneously it was all a lie. It was a video made to be trotted out when it was needed.

  • momprayn

    Yes, I saw that when he first posted it….

  • masmpg

    So they’re sticking with the stupid video story? They had to go through a lot of trouble to come up with all this crap! What these sleezey liars will do to defend their precious self instead of caring one iota for USA!

  • Joe Washam

    When I first saw the video it only had 300 views and that’s after they blamed it. The whole administration needs to be thrown out on their backside

  • SunnyJS

    Progs always tell you exactly what they are doing…by assigning the behavior to others and attacking them for that same behavior. Translation: we have are hands all over this video, our guy in office is more important than #Benghazi 4 out safely and the WH is up to its chinny, chin chin in covering it up.

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