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More than half of Israel under Hamas rocket attack – from Beersheba up to Greater Tel Aviv. No casualties. Hamas tries smuggling terrorists in by tunnels and sea

Latest Report from Debka leading Israel security web site PRAY FOR THE ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCES AND PEOPLE OF ISRAEL First Hamas rockets were fired or intercepted Tuesday night, July 8, over Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Rishon Lezion, Givatayim, Raanana, Caesaria and Yavne, as well as southern Israeli cities. No casualties but a house was hit in […]

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Abbas praying with both top Hamas officials on his left and right side

State Dept Spokesman calls Hamas Liars

Despite an admission by the most liberal mainstream media outlets like the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times that the Palestinian Authority and Hamas have formed a new unity government, State Department spokesman Jen Psaki said Hamas has no influence over the Palestinian Authority. In response to a question about the Obama administration’s […]

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George W. Bush poses with Al-Arian family.

Leader of Muslim Civil Rights Group sends out Anti-Semitic Tweet in support of Convicted Terrorist Financier

By Ben Barrack Nihad Awad, the national director for CAIR – a stealth Muslim Brotherhood front group with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status granted by Lois Lerner during the Bush administration – was caught blaming the Israeli lobby for the imprisonment of a terrorist. Awad sent out two tweets regarding the release of convicted terrorist financier […]

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tomb jonah copy

MAJOR NEWS Muslims Destroy The Tomb Of The Prophet Jonah, The Prophet Seth, And Burn Down 11 Churches

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat Muslim devils in Iraq, members of ISIS, destroyed the tomb of the prophet Jonah (called Younas in Arabic). obtained a video of the destruction: According to one Mid East report: On Friday a local Nineveh official, Zuhair al-Chalabi said that there is information that almost certainly confirms that […]

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In the Eyes of God Richard Nixon may have been one of America’s Greatest Presidents

by Keith Davies political commentator I know the headline has some of your blood boiling but I have your attention. If America can still give President Obama a 40% approval grade after all the lies and scandals that our media will not report on, then Richard Nixon the 37th president who resigned over a coverup […]

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