Russia Saber Rattles with Nuclear Bombers as U.S. Congress votes to Arm Syrian Rebels

For three straight days this past week, Russian nuclear bombers carried out practice runs over Northern Europe and then off the coasts of Alaska and Canada. One report indicates that the flights over Europe occurred on Tuesday and that bombers came very close to the airspace of both the U.S. and Canada on Wednesday and Thursday.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, officials seem to suspect the reasons have to do with sending a message about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine:

One defense official said the Russian bomber activity appeared timed to the visit to the United States and Canada by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. The Ukrainian leader was in Ottawa for meetings with Canadian leaders on Wednesday. He met with President Obama on Thursday. Ukraine is locked in a battle with Moscow over the Russian military annexation of Crimea and continuing backing of pro-Russian Ukrainian militias in eastern Ukraine.

That very well may be the case but these flights near Alaska also took place on days that both houses of the U.S. Congress did something else Russia no doubt found problematic for their interests. On Wednesday, the U.S. House voted to arm Syria’s rebels. On Thursday, the U.S. Senate did the same thing.

Just one year ago, the Obama administration blinked when it came to launching air strikes on Syria’s Bashar al-Assad after the chemical attack that remains shrouded in mystery. In fact, as has reported, the evidence for the source of that attack points to the Syrian rebels and Turkey. The failure of the administration to produce convincing evidence of Assad’s role in that attack contributed to the fall in political will to launch air strikes.

Pressure from Russia also contributed. It was widely conceded that Putin won the showdown with Obama when it came to Syria last year. It was certainly high stakes political theater.

Now, one year later, both the House and the Senate of the U.S. Congress are giving Obama what he wants on Assad. Last year, Obama indicated that he would launch air strikes and when that became politically untenable, he said he would wait for Congress, which ultimately didn’t come through.

This year, Congress went first, voting to arm the very same rebels Assad has been fighting – on the very two days that Russia came within 70 miles of U.S. airspace.

Russia’s gestures of intimidation of NATO countries via its nuclear bombers may have been intended to send a message about Ukraine but the bicameral decision by the U.S. Congress to hand weapons over to Syrian rebels didn’t make the decision any harder.

As reported, the decision to arm the rebels is a decision to aid and abet the Muslim Brotherhood based on the hierarchy of at least one Syrian opposition lobbying group. That’s bad enough but is it really worth sticking another thumb in the eye of Russia to do it?


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  • susan

    Yeah, I’m thinking that if we keep arming the true bad guys instead of arming and training the Christians, we can expect an EMP. Just my opinion.

  • koolmom21

    It’s so hard to sit and do nothing when our nation makes the wrong calls over and over again. God have mercy.

  • susan

    Sorry this took so long! I’m having problems with disquis. What I’d like to see is the Christians in each nation whether in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, north africa receiving training and support from us and we need to stop giving it to the islamists. It’s obvious they (islamists)can fight. If we continue the way we are headed G-d will stop us or put an end to us. We are fighting alongside satan. Or it may be that the Christians in our nation will be asked to go and fight against Islam while our government is supporting them. Or maybe the unthinkable will happen…..
    I am aware that Russia was supposed to have been consecrated but I don’t believe it has taken place. I could be wrong about that. I heard about the terrible murders and kidnapping!!! And last night I heard about several more murders of pastors and their sons this time on the protestant side and rumors were spread that the orthodox churches leaders encouraged the soldiers to kill them (the protestants). This is why I am so grateful to walid and Theodore for clearing error. We can’t be fighting the Islamist effectively if we are still fighting each other (Christians) when you view the end….from which nation do you see the antichrist? Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I’d like to hear more.

    • Pero Ercegovac

      Unfortunately, due to the cowardice (read blatant diplomacy) Russia was not consecrated per se as was required by Fatima. Instead the whole world was consecrated. Which in it self is a positive thing but a specific consecration for Russia was requested. Essentially, it was rejected as not to insult the Orthodox Seat in Moscow. I know for a fact that the Orthodox leaders of Moscow though ante the Ukrainian Rites deplored the killings of the Orthodox priests in Ukraine, but yes sadly concerning the protestants they are giving the green light. The thing is Russia for a long time has decided to take sides with certain Islamic groups in the Mid East to curtail separatists in their own Federation as some 30 million citizens are Musllm and non-Slavic. Once in a while they will crackdown on Chechens but then also support other radical Chechen groups with arms who guarantee that they will not turn on Moscow. Hence Putin is using old Cold War allies as Syria to do their dirty work in stopping the USA. I agree Theodore is a bright light. A young man of potential. Lets pray he continues upon the path.

      • Steve Smith

        I REPEAT do you have real Facts. IF NOT YOU SHOULD KEEP QUIET, and learn to be more sober with your statements and with your slander, of the Russian Orthodox Church.

    • Steve Smith


  • susan

    Robert, what do you think Putin sees coming from America?

    • Robert Paton

      Diaper Rash! lol. You’re Putin, your cold war adversary is working behind the scenes exploiting loopholes in it’s own laws to further Middle East agendas to turn it’s own country into a mirrored Afghanistan. That one day you’ll have to deal with again, but on a Nightmare scale! And then there is the oil demand in your country…

  • susan

    Marco, what nation are you from?

  • koolmom21

    I know; it’s like they want us all to lose.

  • Steve Smith

    Do you have facts to back up your statements, they are really off the wall. I happen to be an ethnic RUSIN and an Orthodox Christian. and your statements stink of black propaganda. AND I DO HAVE RELITIVES THAT I TALK TO IN the Ukraine. The Slovaks Hungarians Rusins Czech want no part of the Kiev Junta.

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