The Keyword That Unlocks The Secret Master Plan Of ISIS

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

So who is behind ISIS and what do they really want from the West and why are they so focused on Syria and Iraq and what is the key to unlock their Islamist plans and how does that pertain to western Christians? Here, the key to unlock everything ISIS wants is hidden deep in a Turkish vault which we will reveal in one word: Dabiq.

Us, the x-Muslim Christians who are the collaborators with the western crusaders perhaps can explain a thing or two for you from what we know; Dabiq is what ISIS is all about, preparing the way for their version of Armageddon and the ushering forth of what you feared for centuries: Antichrist. 

So what is Dabiq to ISIS and Turkey?

Arabic sources tell us:

“The use of Dabiq by ISIS is symbolic of the major historical event at Dabiq, it is the name of the battle the Ottomans won which paved the way for their occupation of Iraq and the Levant for more than four centuries, as well as being the springboard for the Islamic armies to fight the Rum (Romans) in their quest for world domination.”

dabiq copy




The Battle of Marj Dābiq (Arabic: مرج دابق‎) as we all learned as children was the most decisive military clash in Middle Eastern history (1516 AD) near the town of Dabiq, 44 km north of Aleppo, Syria between the Ottoman Empire and the Mamluk Sultanate.

The mention of Dabiq to ISIS and Turkey reveals more than just history, but also eschatology of invading Egypt for a grand future victory for Erdogan’s ultimate dream to revive the sick man of Europe. Dabiq is reverting back the clock to when Sultan Selim I (King of the North) of the Ottomans had just pushed back and vanquished the Safavid Persians (The biblical Bear) at the Battle of Chaldiran in 1514—and turned their full might against the Mamluks, who ruled in Syria and Egypt (The biblical kingdom of the south) to complete the Ottoman conquest of the Middle East.

Many fail to connect the dots; the rich and wealthy layers and multiple fulfillments to the wisest of all prophets whom even Christ complimented: Daniel. Christ even addresses Antichrist on the day of his doom when the most powerful nations on earth defeats him:

“You think that you are wiser than Daniel and that no secret can be hidden from you.” (Ezekiel 28:3)

Daniel’s layers foretold it; the battle ended ultimately in the victory of the King of the North, the Ottoman Selim I over Egypt’s King of the South and the conquest of most of the Middle East by the Ottoman Empire was fulfilled which was the end of the Mamluk Sultanate. The Ottoman Empire’s victory in this battle gave it control of the entire region of Syria and later into Egypt.


Dabiq is key to unlocking Daniel when on May 18, 1516 when Al-Ashraf Qansuh al-Ghawri, started from Cairo, Egypt with 20,000 knights to later be killed. Egypt’s future will mimic this historic and eschatological event and will parallel the Turks’s invasion of Egypt. After the death of the Mamluk Sultan, the new Sultan, Tuman Bay (King of the South) who finally, at the doorstep of Cairo, faced Selim I who defeated Tuman Bay and hung him at the gate of Cairo.

Dabiq is the whole story and is why ISIS calls its magazine Dabiq dedicating it to the Ottoman victory at Dabiq, their newly TV station is also called Dabiq dedicating that as well to the Ottoman victory at Dabiq. Even its Ottoman insignia on their flag (the insignia of Muhammad’s ring) comes from the Turkish Topkapi museum; everything goes back to Dabiq.

Dabiq is why Turkey hates Egypt and is why Erdogan hates Assisi of Egypt. Dabiq is why Turkey intended to invade Syria last year just as it did in its glory days during Selim I. The top secret operation was uncovered when a secret recording leaked of the highest officials discussing the plan to launch a military aggression on Syria by using ISIS to blow up the tomb of Suleiman Shah who was the grandfather of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire who was buried in Aleppo near Dabiq. The launched invasion resulted on aggression against the Armenian city of Kessab in which 80 Armenians were massacred as a result.

Dabiq is why Erdogan sees himself as Selim I and is why he publicly read an Islamic poem that includes the lines, “the mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets, and the faithful our soldiers” and is why Erdoğan has used public funds to build more than 17,000 mosques while announcing plans to create a super-mosque overlooking Istanbul to celebrate the 560th anniversary of Istanbul’s conquest by the Ottomans. Erdoğan broke ground on a third Bosphorus Bridge linking the Asian and European sides of the city, naming it after the controversial conquering Sultan Selim I the conqueror of Dabiq.

The western mind doesn’t get it, that in the Muslim mind, the needle is stuck on the record in which the Christian crusader (General Allenby) took Jerusalem and the Christians finally brought an end to the Muslim Ottoman Caliphate in 1924. The song continues from there and the record will continue to play as soon as the electric surge is back until the needle comes to a screeching halt when Christ comes.

Dabiq is in the Hadith ISIS always recites:

“The Final Hour (of history) will not be established until the Romans land at either al-A’maq or at Dabiq (two places along the current Syria/ Turkey border). Then an army from al-Madinah of the best people on the earth at that time will leave for them.”

And this is why they want to draw the western (Roman) coalition into Dabiq (Syria). Dabiq proves their prophecy which they want to be the sacrificial lambs that ushers Turkey and the Ottomans who want a repeat of Dabiq and is why they open their nation to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in which Qaradawi announced the establishement of the Caliphate will be in Istanbul.

The “Hour of Resurrection” in the view of ISIS and the Ottomans cannot come until the ‘Romans’ (Christian Westerners) land forces in Dabiq, an area near Aleppo in northwestern Syria. According to Muslim eschatology as recounted in Dabiq, this sets up the great battle, or “Final Confrontation” of what they term “Al-Malhama Al-Kubra” (meaning The Great Battle) in which Muslim forces will triumph in the end against the Romans (Europeans and Americans).

Dabiq is why Turkey supports ISIS in order to revive their neo-Ottoman dream and heal that old mortal wound to revive the sick/dead man of Europe..

Entering the mind of your enemy is key not only to defeat him, but to understand how they manipulate the masses to follow them. ISIS just released this recruiting video telling all Muslims to obey what Allah commanded in the chapter of repentance Surat al-Tawba. They are telling Muslims worldwide to “go forth in the cause of Allah” and fight in Jihad killing. They are telling them to choose between earth and heaven. They are telling them “If you do not go forth [fighting in Jihad] He [Allah] will punish you with a painful punishment”:

The Muslim recites the verses as if it is the wonderful Catholic Praefatio Paschalis:

The Praefatio Paschalis says:

“It it truly meet and just, right and for our salvation, at all times to praise Thee, O Lord, but more gloriously especially this day when Christ our Pasch (Passover) was sacrificed. For He is the Lamb Who hath taken away the sins of the world: Who by dying hath destroyed our death: and by rising again hath restored us to life. And therefore with Angels and Archangels, with Thrones and Dominations, and with all the hosts of the heavenly army, we sing the hymn of Thy glory, evermore saying…”

Where the Catholic was strong prior to Vatican II, the Muslim still kept in his chant mimicking Catholics by similarly reciting the Quran while they reversed everything upside down with the spirit behind the Praefatio Paschalis in which they tell the Muslim to shed the blood of others until their blood is shed. They choose this for salvation instead of believing in the blood of the Lamb of God.

It is why Islam as John the Revelator described, looks like a lamb, has two horns (two divided power pegs, Sunni and Shiite) but speaks like a dragon (Revelation 13:11) which John predicted will revive the first beast (seventh kingdom/Ottoman) whose “deadly wound was healed” (Revelation 13:12).

It looks as if it is a lamb but like a scorpion, the Muslim stings and inserts the very heresy the Catholic fought militarily against for centuries, that is of what Paul warned, the Arian heresy calling Christians to deny Father and Son and to kill who refuse to bow to their image. They rob from the Catholic true theological concepts from martyrdom to militarism, twist it for aggression instead of defense and while they denounce paganism as the Catholic denounced the Aztecs they reverse it to attack the Christian and the Jew. There are no combinations of tricks that the devil does not use.

But even Islam teaches that the West will be victorious:

You should know that prior to this great battle between the Christian and the Muslim, the Christian will gain booty when they take all the lands of the Muslims.

The followers of satan who understands the scoop way more than humans, even knows that the Christians will be victorious in which the Muslim prophecy teacher springboards that the victory is not yet, but way into the end. The Muslim is set up not only for defeat, he is deceived until the end.

The story of Dabiq ends in Syria as Isaiah 17 predicted and the Muslims are crushed in Damascus. We already see the beginning signs for the destruction of Damascus when we witness the embryo forming with the influx of refugees from Syria to Jordan as predicted by the prophet Amos:

“I will break also the bar of Damascus, and cut off the inhabitant from the plain of Aven, and him that holdeth the sceptre from the house of Eden: and the people of Syria shall go into captivity unto Kir, saith the LORD.” (Amos 1:5)

Damascus: Key city in End Times Prophecy

Damascus: Key city in End Times Prophecy

Aven is Damascus today and Damascus is also literally mentioned here by name. Besides Lebanon, Syrians are leaving by the droves into Jordan and precisely “unto Kir” which is Kir-Moab (Isaiah 15:1). Today that region is called Kerak (see Gesenius Lexicon).

UNHCR Map showing Syrian Refugee Influx

UNHCR Map showing Syrian Refugee Influx

UNHCR Map of Jordan Showing Syrian Refugee Influx into Jordan

UNHCR Map of Jordan Showing Syrian Refugee Influx into Jordan

When we review both the ancient map and the statistics of the recent influx of Syrian refugees into Jordan we find that over a half million Syrians already fled to “the borders of the land of Moab now called Kerrek. [Karak]”.


To set the Muslim to destruction, the Muslim is told to “continue until the end” and only then they will gain the victory.

The same deception goes for the Islamic prophecies regarding Jerusalem. The Muslim is told that he will be victorious when in Zechariah 12, 14, the Christian and the Jew are told they will obtain victory as the Messiah will descend on the Mount of Olives.

It is time for Christians to get into the mind of their enemies whom God ordained us to defeat. Do not be the lazy servant who says “Jesus will take care of everything in His garden” forgetting that He set you to care for it. So get involved for we are to be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves and while He tarries, we continue producing fruit.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    Fantastic article! Keep going Mr. Shoebat! I am sending this off to friends and linking it to other news chat sites! People need to become aware now! Before it’s too late! Thank you so much for your always detailed reporting of the truth!

    • shoebat

      Your welcome Impeach Obama Now!

      • koolmom21

        He needs to be arrested and thrown into the lions pit.

  • shoebat

    Your welcome Tekla.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    And Obama proclaimed that ” ISIS is not Islamic “……! A very sinister attempt at diversion if you ask me!

  • momprayn

    “Us, the x-Muslim Christians who are the collaborators with the western crusaders” Love it!

    Thank you, Professor Shoebat, beloved fellow collaborator with us western crusaders, for another great class to enlighten us which will hopefully enable us to get into the mind of ISIS, even though I’d rather not. It’s so evil.
    But I’m grateful anyway. Knowing the ways of satan are very helpful. In fact, I often say the same things on blogs — how important it is to “know your enemy” so you can effectively counter and the verse from the Bible….comes to mind often. Dabiq…….ok……….
    Might want to check out Judge Jeanine on Fox tonight. Oh for more like her who have platforms.

  • susan

    Amen! Fantastic maps on these articles! Thank you so very much. (I never paid enough attention in geography class) I’m taking a Que from below and doing the same.

  • AnthonyM

    Yes, just great! The maps are very helpful to keep all the names in place. May God bless your work, Walid.

  • shoebat

    they don’t care about defeat, they think they go to heaven. Glad you stay careful.

  • shoebat

    they won’t all join him because they think He iso false Messiah. This is why they will beg the rocks to fall in them, yet they still do not repent.

  • shoebat

    Thank you Louie.


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  • blagostwin

    Thank you for your inspiring and informative article Mr. Shoebat. May it help all Christians both here and abroad to prepare for the forth coming war yet to come.

  • shoebat

    Perhaps you can share with us some of your findings?

    • wandakate

      SHOEBAT: In all of your wisdom do you have a clue as to when WWIII will be? What do Americans need to do to get ready for it, or is there anything we can do outside of praying and trusting the LORD? Please answer I will look for it.

    • Another Guest

      Fr Malachi who had seen the third message said whatever horrible was in it would begin before 2017 and it was important for Russia to be consecrated in the church.

  • 1Bobby8

    Thank you Mr. Shoebat for another enlightened and informative article. I thank God for you and your son. God bless you…I wish to hear the Praefatio Paschalis for all eternity.

    • koolmom21

      If it sounds this pretty here on earth; Can you imagine the choir of angels singing it? Wow!

      • 1Bobby8

        Amen koolmom

  • susan


  • koolmom21

    If he is worried about ISIS looking bad; I would be worried about him. My husband works with a black man who we have always considered a dear friend. We have their family to our house to go swimming a lot. My husband came home yesterday and told me he is now worried about this man. He, my husband did the same thing as you. He brought up the man from Oklahoma and this man said he didn’t want to talk about it. That was weird. Maybe we all need to sleep with one eye opened.

  • koolmom21


  • koolmom21

    You are probably right he would go after his wife first. I am happy you know not to trust him and I am equally happy my husband knows not to trust our friend.

  • koolmom21

    He sounds like he might try to get you to become a muslim. That is what they do. They try to debate if Jesus was really God and take it from there. I would not go over there if you value your life. It’s just not worth taking the chance. Please don’t go.

    • wandakate

      KOOLMOM21: The Jehovah’s Witnesses do the same thing as well as the Mormons. So now all three of them do that. We bring up a certain question, or topic and then it takes off like a rocket. They will rarely ever convert to Christianity. Remember the man in Oklahoma has just converted to Islam not long ago, and he was talking with the workers (the two women) about converting, but they both refused, and he got upset and chopped off the one woman’s head and then he stabbed the other one. One is dead of course and the other poor woman is in serious but stable condition in the hospital out there. BEWARE! Many wolves in sheeps clothing are wandering around seeking people to deceive. He may go and never return. You advised him well.

      • koolmom21

        Thank you. It is scary to think about us falling into their trap. We need to be wise alright.

  • koolmom21

    I hope so too and soon. I hope he at least stay away from him for now.

  • momprayn

    T and J ? Ha – which one are you? Yes, I’ve been posting about the petition to stop Qatar……but I’ll start up again………

  • mary

    Don’t fall for it. Stay safe and stay away.

  • wandakate

    LAURAR: Remember, things are not always as they seem…We must learn to discern good from evil and right from wrong. Nine times out of ten when your gut feeling is that something is wrong, IT IS WRONG!
    A college degree, is what? It’s education by man. Not by GOD (who knows everything). I had a son-in-law who was an College graduate and became an Army Ranger, then he went on to be a Captain and now he is a Major in the USA, and he hasn’t got the “common sense” of a frog…
    A college degree is good to a point, but so is common sense. The person with a college degree might be able to figure something out, but the person with some common sense probably can…As you say (not to be degrading to anyone).

  • wandakate

    ADAM EASTERLING: Do you think that people are in search for the “real truth” or are most of them still sleeping at the wheel and have their heads buried in the sand? I like the truth, I want the truth, and I speak the truth (tactfully of course).

  • wandakate

    C20: Don’t know what they all said as I assume Walid or his staff are reading them and posting them, but I can’t imagine ALL of them just disappearing into cyberspace. ASK THEM and find out.

  • wandakate

    SRIDHAR JEREMY: We are in the “end times” now. We are experiencing all the signs of the end of the world as we know it. This world (earth) won’t end, but it will become the Kingdom of GOD and it will change drastically, as GOD is going to eradicate ALL sin and sinners that cause sin on the earth.
    We are approaching the end of the age, and it’s not going to be a picnic, or pretty, but we must endure and go through it in order to be purified, sanctified, and justified in order to be the pure bride of CHRIST. He is looking for people that believe and are living pure lives when He comes.

  • koolmom21

    That’s creepy! I never knew that. Thank you for the heads up.

    • CuriousGeorgette

      They may have changed tactics…that was in the 911 era publication….I’ve not read the latest only what has been posted here and such.

      • koolmom21

        Okay, thanks. I bet it is still the same now. I will keep an eye out just in case.

  • Diane Sarmiento Barrios

    has anyone ever asked Obama why the ISIS jihad shouts allahu akbar before they set the bombs off? i wonder why he says that ISIS is not Islamic when every time they kill a Christian they call on the name of their stupid evil god allah.

  • Diane Sarmiento Barrios

    me too, my views change completely about the who the antichrist is. it used to be a mystery to me. i praise God for you Walid Shoebat. God is with you always.

  • shoebat

    no, its 72 X72 X 72 worth of virgins, you can do the math

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  • billobillo54

    Great, instructive article. Thank you.

  • Linda Murray

    ROFLMAO… 😀 You’re right. That video says it ALL, alright. ABOUT ***YOU***! LOLOL What an *IDIOT* you are!

    3 minutes of twisted logic from one idiot… that can TOTALLY be refuted QUICKLY… & yer hooked! LOLOL 😀

    OY VEZ!

  • Linda Murray

    Walid… on THIS subject of islam in Bible prophecy & what they’re up to… you are ***THE MAN***…! Keep it up! 🙂

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  • Howard Gardner

    I agree fully with this BUT how is it that a victory in 1516 is in fact depicted in the hadiths of Abu Hurairah in 536 and Al Bukhari in 800? A Muslim historian informed me that a previous battle had taken place in 535 when Rome became infuriated that the Islamic community had sided with the Eastern Church in regards to icons. He said that Rome had attacked Dabiq and been defeated and that this was the reason Dabiq is emphasized in both hadiths. But I have not been able to confirm this.

    PLEASE I NEED AN ANSWER HERE AS I REGULARLY PARTICIPATE IN DIALOGUES WITH MUSLIM LEADERS and there are plans to schedule a future dialogue at the National Cathedral in Washington D. C. . SEND YOUR ANSWER TO [email protected]. Thank you. – Howie Gardner