Muslims Make Major Massacre, Take Thirty Innocent People, Burn Them To Death And Stab Them To Death

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Syria, all members of ISIS, attacked he al-Mab’oucja village in which they slaughtered at least thirty people, burning them to death, and stabbing them to death as well. According to one Syrian report:

At least 30 citizens from the Sunni, Alawite, and Ismaili sects were killed by shooting, burning and slaughtering them by IS in al-Mab’ouja village located in the east of Salamyya city. Meanwhile, the regime forces and allied militiamen could retake the village where IS militants launched their attack in the village yesterday’s midnight.

The information also reported that people have displaced towards the nearby areas, and that the regime warplanes and forces bombarded IS positions in the area. The death toll is expected to rise because there is information about other civilian deaths and killing of 6 members of the regime forces and militiamen.


  • susan

    That’s so horrific and sad. I hope they release more information soon.

  • Grandmere

    I have to steel myself to read these but I feel like I have to know what is happening. It is so heartbreaking to think about people who can find no rest. No safe place to lay their weary head. Whether Christian or Muslim this is a miserable existence. Lord come quickly.

  • maria


    I read your article below on how the US can defeat ISIS which was extremely educating. Basically we should do nothing and let Muslims kill each other. Right?

    But what can we do to help the minorities of Syria and Iraq such as Yazidi and Christians in the immediate? Extract them and bring them physically to the United States?? Is this the only immediate solution? Many of them have a physical attachment to their homeland and want to fight to the end for it.

    • susan

      We can pressure our congressional leaders to allow them over here. We can get them to safer countries. We can arm them.

  • Kamau41

    Come quickly Lord Jesus. In the meantime, help us work hard to fight and rescue our suffering Christian Brothers/Sisters.

  • susan

    That is so sad.

  • Grandmere

    The Yazidis are a sect of Islam.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      See my response to ursulamagrit above, I quoted from “Who Is The Devil” by Nicholas Corte.

  • Grandmere

    Both Egypt and Jordan took a few pinprick attacks against the ISIS then, nothing as far as I have heard.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    From the book “Who is The Devil” by Nicholas Corte, 1879: ‘Curiously enough there exists today in Upper Mesopotamia a Moslem sect of Sunnite-saafites made up of some sixty thousand Kurd Yazidis, among whom Satan is worshipped under the name of Iblis, which means devil, under the pretext that Satan was only cast down because of his jealous and exclusive love of the pure idea of God. They teach that Iblis, in his worship of pure love, refused any reward. But this hazardous theology maintains that God forgave the fallen archangel, in view of the loftiness of the motives for his rebellion, and handed over to him the government of the world and the administration of the transmigration of souls. He is called ”Melek Tauss’ – the Angel Peacock – because he recovered his spiritual colours.”

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Regarding the Yazidis, please see my post to ursulamargrit, above.