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Tens of thousands attended, although organisers had hoped to attract one million

300,000 Christians Gather Together To Fight Against The Antichrist Persecution Of Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Three hundred thousand Christians in Rome gathered together to fight against the sodomite take over of Catholic society, which is persecuting Christians and is an enemy of the Christian faith. Here are the photos from the rally: According to a report: Thousands of people have rallied in the Italian capital Rome against […]

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TURKEY: Muslim child brides are choosing forced suicide rather than forced marriage

By BI: In other words when a young girl refuses to enter into a forced marriage to a virtual stranger, families are pressuring them to commit suicide rather than being ‘honor’ killed by a family member. This is so-called “secular” Turkey which has been petitioning for European Union membership and may be on the verge of […]

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GERMANY: Mayor to townspeople: “If you don’t want your young daughters sexually harassed by Muslims, tell them “not to dress provocatively”

By BI: At a meeting of concerned parents in Bad Schlema, who are frantic about the increasing danger Muslim migrants pose to their daughters, concern grows to rage when the Mayor blows them off, dismissing their anger and telling them “It’s simple, don’t provoke them (Muslims) and don’t walk in areas where Muslim rapists posing as refugees hang out.” (Pretty […]

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Liberal Comedian Bill Maher says: “I wish my fellow liberals would show the same ‘intolerance’ for Muslims that they show for Christians

By BI: Maher is perhaps one of three liberals in the country who actually does understand Islam. “After the San Bernardino attacks… I heard all over the TV, everybody was saying, ‘If only Americans knew more about Islam they wouldn’t be so afraid.’ Actually, it’s the reverse,” Maher said. More Islam truth-telling from BILL MAHER

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“We WILL Use Violence If You Go Through With This” Romanian Town REFUSES To Allow “Refugee Center” To Be Build In Their Town And Pledges To Fight It At All Costs

That’s the way to do it. Be firm, be civil, and NEVER give in. Building a “refugee center” is an act of war against the people because these invaders have only come to kill, steal, and destroy. If they went through with this project, these eople would have had every moral right to use whatever […]

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GO SWEDEN! Two Hundred Swedish Men Go To Stockholm Station And CLEAN The Muslim Gangs Out!

After hearing reports that Muslim gangs had taken over Stockholm Central Station, two hundred Swedish patriots wearing masks descended upon the area and purged it of the Muslim terrorists. They have called upon Swedish men of all ages and good faith, who love their country, their families, and their future, to stand up and fight […]

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Violent Brawling, Screaming As “Refugees” In Germany Destroy Their Own Shelter

Violence. Mayhem. Destruction. Amidst the horrible screams and brawling fists it appears that a group of “refugees” are also raping somebody amidst the chaos. Table are overturned. Garbage is everywhere. It looks like a scene out of an African war zone. Chancellor Merkel invited these people into Germany and said the Germans have to take […]

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“Get The Hell Out Of Here!” German Grandfather Furious At Mayor After He Blames His Ten-Year-Old Granddaughter For “Provoking The Refugees”

The incident started at a meeting in the small town of Bad Schelma on the German-Czech border about the “refugees.” A grandfather stood up an told the mayor that his 10-year-old granddaughter was being harassed by Muslim schoolchildren and he was concerned for her safety, especially with summertime approaching. The mayor’s response? Don’t provoke the refugees.

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