Archive | February 20, 2016

Adult Muslim “Refugees” Are Put In Shelter With 12-Year-Old Boy, They Take Turns Viciously Raping Him And Film A Porn Movie Out Of It

The men originally claimed to be 15 years old, but the fact that they were each over 6 feet tall and with full beards should have been a dead giveaway. Nevertheless, Swedish authorities put the two men in the same room with a real 12-year-old boy, and chaos ensued. The men took turns gang raping […]

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Muslims Torture Christian Woman And Try To Force Her To Confess That She Blasphemed Muhammad. Her Husband Comes In And Tells Them That He Blasphemed Muhammad To Save His Wife. The Muslims Take Him And Sentence Him To Death

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim police officers in Pakistan tortured a Christian woman to force her to confess that she blasphemed Muhammad. In the midst of all this chaos, her husband told the officers that he committed the blasphemous statements. He received the death penalty, for his wife. According to the report: A disabled Christian man […]

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