Islam Is A Punishment From God For Apostasy- Catholic Priest Arrested By French Government For Preaching Against Islam Tells It Like It Is In Interview With Polish Magazine


Fr. Guy Pages is a French Catholic Priest and the Author of the French book Interrogate Islam. He is criticized for being “too hard” on Islam, when in reality he is one of the few French clergy who is brave enough to take on the issue in spite of public pressure. As Fr. Pages says, Islam is God’s punishment for the apostasy of Europe and the West from the Faith.

Five days ago, he was arrested by the French government and his website shut down per Resistance Republicaine.

This interview about Islam and the West was conducted by Polonia Christiana and translated with Google Translate. It is well worth the read:


Polonia Christiana: The attacks, which took place recently in Paris, shocked the whole of Europe. Probably no one in France, there is no doubt that Islam is a serious problem?

Fr. Pages: I would not be so sure. First of all, Islam does not tell the truth, today – this is a great misfortune. For this reason, Muslims can not convert, and non-Muslims who do not know about Islam, they think he is indeed the religion of good and evil are only fanatics.

 Moreover, the prevailing mentality is now progress, in which what is newer is considered to be better always. Islam – later in the history of Christianity – is seen by many people as something of a more perfect definition of Christianity. The countries of Western Europe, renouncing Christianity, began to promote the Islamization, and the Church itself seems to have nothing against the view that Islam is a religion of good.The road to Islamization of Europe is so open, and around the globe there are alive billion, four hundred thousand Muslims who believe that their mission is to impose sharia on the world.

But the worst is that the European legislation begins to adapt Sharia. For example, in Italy, was a trial of a Muslim who beat and imprisoned his daughter because he met with non-Muslim. Italian judge acquitted the accused on the grounds that he did it for the sake of her daughter, and acted according to their own values.Thus, Islamic law was more important than Italian law.

PC: There are many examples that Muslims living in Europe are living in complete accord with the prevailing laws here, especially glaring, however, it seems is polygamy. Is this a common phenomenon in France?

FP: According to the current rules on the family one man – even if it is not officially avowed polygamist – can have several women with whom they have children. And these women either live with him or declare themselves as single mothers, thereby acquiring the right to grant social housing allocation and any other help.  The man with the family situation may very well live through the social benefits passed its women. In some cases, this monthly support allows you to accumulate quite a substantial fortune. Polygamy is therefore a way of making money.


PC: Why did the French authorities do not prevent such practices in general expansion of Islam?

FP: Because the principle of secularism which postulates the equality of all religions blinds them . French political class does not understand what Islam is and can not understand without reference to Christ.Because Islam exists only to destroy Christianity. When I do not believe in Christ, he is not in a position to know the truth about Islam.


PC: It follows that this secularization opened France to accept Islam …

FP: In France, secularism is a dogma which France is proud of all over the world. It is this secularism is pushing the entire religious life to the private sphere lets give Muslims a place in French society. But – beware! – The place he wants to define the republic wishing to follow Islam in such a way that it has become a “French Islam”.

The French government, instead of fighting against Islam rather looking inside to tame it. Politicians believe that Islam is able to accept the separation of religion from the state domain. Meanwhile, the religion does not allow a similar distinction, because Islam is a totalitarian regime. Of course, Muslims to not admit this, because they are in the majority and temporarily tolerate the government’s policy, which allows them to do taqiyya – the Islamic strategy of lying and pretense. But from the day in which they gain numerical superiority, they want to live according to Sharia, which does not distinguish either the sphere of state from religion, nor the public from the private. Islam then get rid of his “French” is calculated and will be released as it is, or system of rules completely barbaric and totalitarian. The project of creation by the government of the local varieties of Islam, therefore, a false step.


PC: But the government is not enough. What about the French society?

FP: Modern French are completely desensitized to fear the progress of Islam. They think that giving more and more fields Muslims, invest capital for the future on the principle: When you will be in power, it will be so nice for us as we were kind to you . There is another reaction – the hearts of all those responsible for political and social life in France surrendered to fear.

And surrendering to fear is no longer succumbing to Islamization, because Islam means just “surrender”. The French, even when I see the problem, do not have to deal with it, because it hampers their republic, which – in the name of alleged freedom of religion – prohibit them from working. They do not recognize at the fact that Islam is not a religion, but a totalitarian political system – and nothing else. It is the worst system, that can only be because it interferes with even the private lives of people.


PC: Whether in the context of efforts to impose Islamic Sharia law to the world it is at all possible peaceful coexistence of Christians and Muslims in one country?

FP: No, because Islam’s assumption has divided humanity into Muslims and non-Muslims, and build a wall of hatred between them. The Quran contains hundreds of verses inciting hatred and killing non-Muslims. In his narrative of everything that is not Muslim, is by definition evil and must be destroyed, and the infidels or repent, or will meet their death, or will live under Islamic dominion, accepting his handicapped, lower social status and political.

 Europeans, as non-Muslims, they should be afraid of Islam because Islam wants to make their subjects. Moreover, as already mentioned, the word “Islam” means “submission.” Submission why? Antichrist.Because who else can come after Christ, if not the Antichrist? Islam is coming to destroy the work of Christ. In the religion Jesus is not God, not dead and risen, sins are not wiped, a man believes that he can be saved only if he fills his orders right. It is a system where instead of love practiced blind obedience to the orders of the god, which you do not know and you will never see again.

The ratio of Allah to man is the nature of violence and will be repeated each time in the relationship of Muslims to non-Muslims, male to female, masters to slaves. In the Qur’an Allah forbids the abolition of slavery. Woman in Islam does not have the same dignity as men, there is no right of inheritance as her brother in court its word is worth half of the man’s words, it can also decide itself about his marriage, and so on …

 Non-Muslims should therefore understand that if rejected Christ, they will have the Antichrist. The development of Islam in the West is a tough punishment for apostasy. It is therefore necessary to Westerners ask themselves: Do I want to be a Muslim? Statistically, because everything is moving in this direction. Muslims are convinced that they are right and for this reason they are ready to blow up in the air, kill and impose Islam everywhere.

Therefore, Westerners must become Muslims in order to have peace of mind, or resist. However, they need to know why they can not give up. And for this it is necessary to return to the origins of their identity. It is necessary to re-discover what makes you want to live as free people. The progress of Islam put the Europeans in front of the inevitable choice: either return to Christ, who freed them from the slavery of the demon, or fall into the system seven times worse than that which their forefathers sceneries before Christianity.

PC: Islam is not so – it is claimed – a religion of peace?

FP: When our Lord Jesus Christ left the earth, he transferred power St. Peter, that is, the first pope. We Catholics know, therefore, who to have contact with the problems of faith and morals, “Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” Mohammed nobody has entrusted his authority. Islam is not able to bring peace to the world, because in itself no principle of unity. There are always those Muslims who would have claimed that the interpretation of the Koran more authentic than their neighbors. For this reason, all of the first caliphs were killed. The only possible political systems in Muslim countries is tyranny. There is another, because in Islam there is no principle of unity. Islam is fear, surrender. Submission why? I did not know, because Allah can not see, and no one really knows who or what he is.

  In Islam, there is the institution of the muftis, people with deep knowledge of religion, who also act as judges. If they find that a man leading a life inconsistent with the principles of Islam, may request to punish him with death. This is called a fatwa – is expressed in writing interpretation of Islamic law, a practice recommended to the Muslims. Fatwa decision can be both arbitrary and ridiculous and absurd. For example, during the rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Al-Azhar University in Cairo issued a fatwa that allowed for intercourse Muslim with his late wife and 6 hours after her death. There is also a fatwa in which a Muslim woman working with a man does not belong to her family advised to give him to drink milk from their breasts. In this way, it will be able to develop something between them in the likeness of the mother-son relationship, which excludes the possibility of any sexual relationship, as the incest in Islam is unthinkable.


PC: But Islam is often portrayed as a great religion, and a great civilization. So much is said about the superiority of civilization even Muslim countries over Europe in the Middle Ages …

FP: History shows that Islam never led humanity to any degree of perfection. Yes, we sometimes hear: just look at Andalusia, watch miniature Persian from the fourteenth century … But it’s not Islam that has created everything, but Islamized conquered peoples, who have managed to preserve their native cultures the seeds of their own abilities, which resulted not because of Islam, but in spite of him.

In Andalusia, the Muslims they found what created the Roman civilization and Christian. Arab builders of mosques and medics were Christians – they were not Muslims! Today in France, even the president dares to say that it has brought Islam to Europe treasure of Greek philosophy and ancient. It is false, it is shameless lie! Really because it Islamized Christian Arab, and no Arabs-Muslims, translated into Arabic documents science and Greek philosophy. And they, to avoid persecution, brought with them the documents to Europe.

 Besides, many of these texts were known in the West before the arrival here Arabic translations from Greek. This proves Sylvain Gouguenheim book Aristote au Mont Saint-Michel. Les racines grecques de l’Europe chrétienne ( Aristotle at Mont Saint-Michel. The Greek roots of Christian Europe ).

 Muslim countries do not pass never the evolution of economic, technical and scientific. This is due to the ratio of Muslims to God and the world – compared completely false. In Islam you can not grow. The ideal is to return to the Golden Age, which was the VII century, the time of Muhammad. Everything that is progress or evolution, is a sin, because it is cut off from the perfect start. Islam is destroying everything: you have to clean up everything to get to zero – because only then it will be some that will not be around evil … because there will be nothing at all.


PC: You are not afraid to proclaim the priest so extreme anti-Islamic views in the country so dominated by fear?

FP: I am well known in some radical Islamic circles, getting death threats, scare me, torture and death; clear, then, that after some neighborhoods there I walk. As for the rest, I believe that you should not be afraid.You have to be wise, but you can not live in fear. Jesus said: Do not fear those who kill the body but can not kill the soul. Rather fear him who both soul and body in Gehenna (Mt 10: 28-29).

 Islam has always imposed itself by fear – caused by the repulsive methods it uses: massacres, torture … Some people are willing to renounce their faith and become Muslims in order to avoid these horrible things. Do not accept this. You have to realize that it is a greater value to die than to become a Muslim. The only firewall able to stop the expansion of Islam is the faith of people ready to give their lives to bear witness to the truth – as did Christ.

  • Tom_mcewen

    I love priests who lead, who face God and speak truth. I want a priest who never looks behind himself to see if we are following, because he speaks the faith he know if we are true we will follow, where shall we go Lord for you have the truth.

  • Rev. Fr. Higgins

    God Bless this true priest of Jesus Christ.

  • ALERT! Revelation 18:2 Just Happened

    Note: This presentation by “Vatican Catholic” warns parishioners about “anti-pope” – Pope Francis

    (Video 15min-55sec) Produced by Most Holy Family Monastery – Fillmore, New York

    • Andrew Bieszad

      Will watch it, but I would be rather careful with them, as they are Sedevacantists. While it is true that a broken clock is right twice a day, a little bit of leaven also leavens the whole batch.

      • Thank you for your reply, Andrew. This is the first that I had heard of this movement. I have read some comments from parishioners comparing Vatican I to Vatican II and that there is disagreement on the direction that the Catholic Church is taking in that regard. Here is an excerpt from one of that group’s website: —————————-

        “The Vatican is already subverted, the true Catholic faith cannot be found in Rome at this point and going to the New Novus Ordo mass is detrimental to your soul. The one true church of God is the Traditional
        Catholic church..not the Vatican II sect that is fooling most Catholics
        of today who would not spend the time researching what has been happening within the True Church.”
        The common belief, even among many Evangelical Christians, is that there have already been plans underway to establish the “New World Order” / One World Government system that reflects that system of antichrist as described in the book of Revelation, i.e. “mark of the beast”, persecutions, beheadings, etc. Things will unfold according to God’s Divine Plan, however, and there is no need to fear for those who are Children of God through faith in Jesus Christ – as written in the New Testament. Thanks again for your reply.

        • Raph Sebastian

          Would you read this book or at least read the synopsis, brother? The Apostasy That Wasn’t. Synopsis is in the product description.

          • Okay, thanks, Ralph. I read the synopsis and get the idea that it is in defense of the Roman Catholic Church and that she has not fallen into Apostasy, yes?
            Question still comes up about the difference in opinion that parishioners have between Vatican I and Vatican II. What is your opinion, is Vatican II still aligned with first-century faith of followers of Jesus? Muslims believe and worship the same God as Catholics? Jews don’t need to be told about the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ being their Messiah ben Yosef whom will return as Messiah ben David?
            In your opinion, does Vatican II supersede Vatican 1?

          • Raph Sebastian

            My opinion is simple, Mike. The Church is the same, never changed never will, unless of course one thinks that Jesus the LORD is a liar. When HE said the gates of Hades will not prevail against His Church, he obviously wasn’t lying. I think one needs to read a little more when it comes to evangelizing the Jews about what is truly said and not some sound byte from rabidly anti-Catholic and anti-pope sites and also with and the muslims and who they worship as defined by the Church. One cannot just pick out sound bytes and make a whole argument out of it. The Catechism clearly teaches in whole what the Church’s stand on muslims are and even this covers those that seek God but know not of the LORD. Similarly the Church teaches of those that know of Jesus yet refuse to accept all truth of Him as taught by the Church. WE cannot know what God’s salvific plan is, all we know HE desires ALL come to Him because He is the Creator of ALL. I am not going to second guess the LORD’s plan or judge who is not saved or who is not.

          • (Ralph Sebastian) “The Catechism clearly teaches in whole what the Church’s stand on muslims are and even this covers those that seek God but know not of the LORD.”

            That is exactly what is most puzzling to me, Ralph, in that Catechism 841 teaches that Catholics adore the same “God” as Muslims. This was even publicly stated by Cardinal Dolan in June, 2013. Here are excerpts from an article with link to the complete story: —————————————-

            STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the
            archbishop of New York, made his first visit to a mosque in New York City and it was the Albanian Islamic Cultural Center in Tompkinsville where he met with Muslim and other faith leaders. The cardinal spent more than two hours touring the mosque and the Miraj Islamic School and having lunch with about 40 clergy and laity.

            “I thank God that this day has arrived,” the cardinal said. “I thank you for your welcome, I thank you for making me
            feel like a friend and a member of a family.”

            The cardinal asked questions about the Muslim faith and
            emphasized throughout his visit how much the two religions and their members have in common.

            “You love God, we love God and he is the same God,” the cardinal said of the Muslim and Roman Catholic faiths.

            The cardinal is following on a local level the example of Pope Francis who has begun efforts to deepen and strengthen the relationship between the Islamic and Christian communities in Italy and other parts of Europe, said Monsignor James Dorney, a co-vicar of Staten Island. His co-vicar, Monsignor Peter Finn, announced that Wednesday was the 37th anniversary of Cardinal Dolan’s ordination.

            As a side note: after 9/11, I undertook an intense research into the teachings of Islam to see how it compares to the Judeo-Christian faith. This is a short, easy-to-read treatise posted on the Internet at
            in case you would have the chance to take a look. 🙂
            Thanks again for your reply.

          • Raph Sebastian

            Mike, if I may ask, that you first research people like Dolan. Dolan is homosexual sympathetic, says nothing against abortion, adultery and such, he is merely a man, who needs to be corrected and needs to seek proper reconciliation. The Church is filled with sinners, even among the clergy, but the Church cannot sin, and cannot err in her teachings, the bride of Christ is pure and the Paraclete dwells in her.

            841 doesn’t end at 841 read on, then read on some more, then read what the Magisterium says, there is no changing things, the saints and early Church Fathers are clear on what islam is, but mercy is given to muslims, for they are indeed without the fullness of the truth, like all heresies they have not the full truth. But muslims are created by God, do you deny this? They have merely fallen away from God and they too are in need of salvation and to come to God.

          • (Ralph Sebastian) ” But muslims are created by God, do you deny this? They have merely fallen away from God and they too are in need of salvation and to come to God.”

            Totally agree, Ralph, that they are created by God – as are all people and this world. And, yes, they are in need of Eternal Salvation that only comes through faith in Jesus Christ. However, I don’t believe it is that they have “merely fallen away” as you stated. Let me explain: People cannot “fall away” if they never knew the Truth to begin with. Muslims, like many people in other false religions are intensely indoctrinated from birth on what to believe and taught that all other faiths are in error. Muslims sincerely believe the teachings in their Quran that claim Jesus was only a “prophet” and that He was Not Crucified, NOT the Son of God, nor Saviour of mankind. For example:
            (Quran 004:157-158; 004:171; 005:072-75; 009.030; 023:091)

            The point is: Muslims, like many people in other false religions that Jesus warned of, need to have a spiritual awakening to His Truth otherwise they remain controlled by false doctrine. If there is any falling away, they need to fall away from the deception and control of the false teachings that they have been indoctrinated into and open their heart to receive the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ and make Him Lord of their life.

            While God is willing that no one should perish (2 Peter 3:9)the Bible gives two reasons why many people are unable to break the control that false religions and the world have over them:

            #1: “But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost:
            In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.
            For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus’ sake.
            (2 Corinthians 4:3-5)

            #2: “He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

            And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

            For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.
            (John 3:18-20)

          • Raph Sebastian

            They know the truth or taught a half truth, Mike. They are taught to deny the real truth, but does that exclude them from God’s salvific plan? So many Christians also deny some truth. I am no one to say who is saved and who is not. That is up to God and His infinite mercy. That is why I said that they have fallen away, pardon me for saying merely though. It is not merely I will concede. Just like the JWs, SDAs, Mormons, etc etc etc. There is only ONE truth, there cannot be two separate truths that are diametrically opposed to each other.

          • Julie

            Remember…the Deposit of faith in Christ is one thing…putting your trust in man, including any pope, bishop, priest, whatever is against the faith in the Lord.

        • Julie

          It takes the Church 100 years to implement a Council, but this one…I read Ven Catholic Emmerich’s vision of some council of the future where the bishops were coming in with a fog surrounding them…she later saw an image of a bishop –not a pope– who would uphold this idea that all religions are the same….some kind of false ecumenical movement that would dominate Rome.

          Francis does not contradict Catholic doctrine and lives out the gospel in his simplicity.

          Where he got off was allowing some liberation theology priest give him input…and 70% of the American bishops did not go along with him in softening disciplines regarding the issues of the permanency of marriage and couples in other types of living situations…that group all for lessening Church discipline in the name of mercy…come from Germany and someone said there is one diocese in Germany where only 40% of the clergy no longer believe in the Divine Presence. P Francis has influenced a good number of Muslims to reflect on the need to stress common humanity and denounce violence in Islam…we have to give him credit.

          No he is not ushering in New Age or one world government and in fact, P Benedict himself was working on a piece to respect our world in context to people much more. We don’t see it as much here but in developing countries, foreign companies are ruining people’s lives through their environments and we are hearing about slavery of Africans, including children in mining and obtaining other resources by foreign countries…

          I live in a ‘green’ party of the country…………….

      • Yet, here are some more excerpts from that Catholic group claiming that Vatican II is a heresy: (link to complete info, below)

        The Vatican II Sect on Islam

        “Then we have the Vatican II sect’s teaching on the false religion of Islam, which rejects the Holy Trinity and the Divinity of Jesus Christ. Benedict XVI and John Paul have praised Islam, a false religion of the devil. Here we see John Paul II in the Temple of infidelity (the mosque), endorsing their false religion.

        The Vatican II sect on the Jews

        “*The Vatican II sect teaches that Jews don’t have to believe in Jesus Christ for salvation. Vatican II’s Declaration Nostra Aetate
        specifically declares that the Jews are not rejected by God, even though they reject Our Lord Jesus Christ. See: The Most Specific Heresy in Vatican II.
        The Vatican II sect also teaches that the Old Covenant is still valid,
        which is a rejection of the following dogma defined by the Council of Florence.

    • Julie

      Pray to the Holy Spirit, Mike to lead you to solid sites…these people are extremists…and paranoid.

      Some priests came together to bless my home who were vested and prayed Latin prayers in every room, and love the Latin Mass..and they are not anywhere near these types.

    • Julie

      I wouldn’t buy into that. Stay away from it.

  • Raph Sebastian

  • Marcos Filipe Guerra

    Gotta love Poland.

    • AnthonyM


    • Стефан Евгений

      Marcos, This is for you. Did you see it on tv? Patriarch Kirill in San Paulo.

      • Marcos Filipe Guerra

        Glorious. There is a greek community about an hour away from me. Next vacation I’ll visit them.

        • Стефан Евгений

          This was a Syrian church, the Patriarch of all Russia and the Patriarch of Antioch and all the East Were on the banner. Patriarch Kirill even went to The South Pole, on his South American trip.

      • Marcos Filipe Guerra

        Regular média don’t show that kind of event. Heréticos LOL

  • Raph Sebastian

    What stood out to me most is that the good Father said that islam usurped knowledge and technology that was present in the lands they conquered and claimed it to be theirs. They prey on the host, the only other organism that preys on the host are parasites. The strangler fig tree comes to mind. This parasite plant attaches to the host, lets its roots grow and become grounded. It encircles the host tree and sucks it dry and kills it. When the host tree dies and decays, the strangler fig is now a solid ring with an empty core. Is there any wonder why Christ cursed the fig tree? Similarly upon His return, he will curse these parasites and they will be barren and have no fruits, then wither and die.

    • Стефан Евгений

      How true, I said this for years, ever wonder why a mosque looks like a Orthodox Church. most of the so called golden age of islam was based on the Christian civilization it destroyed even the moslem prayer is a knock off of Christian prayer.

      • Raph Sebastian

        Domes were a Christian thing, once again usurped by moslems. There was no need for loud speakers in a dome, a priest could celebrate Mass and everyone present would be able to hear, and when during vespers the whole church would be filled with beautiful music.

        The moslems thought they could better this by attaching minarets to the dome so that their muezzins can make the prayer call, this failed miserably. Changing the structure of the dome no longer gave it the architectural strength nor the natural acoustics. That is why minarets now are separated from the main building, with of course loud speakers.

        I have been to Hagia Sophia in Turkey when the church was open, I experimented with my wife who stood in the far end away from me, I whispered her name and she heard me. I left a few tears in that church, with hope that one day it will be ours again.

        • Стефан Евгений

          This is the way it may have sound.

          • Raph Sebastian

            Beautiful hymn there! Filled my heart with joy yet there was a tinge of sadness. The hymn in praise of God will soon once again fill Hagia Sophia, I am sure. A plague will be on the house of islam soon enough.

            The wife and I did say The LORD’s Prayer while in there albeit not as loudly as I would have liked to. The experiment of whispering of her name was truly an amazing thing despite all the other inherent noises of the place, she heard me as clear as day. I honestly wish it was indeed the hymn that was being sung there though.

  • Стефан Евгений

    Shall we do a Christian thing, and lite a candle for father?

    • Marcos Filipe Guerra

      God, let not his light fade. Deus Vult.

  • richinnameonly

    Fr. Pages is absolutely correct, and for those that are furthest away from truth Islam can be the epitome of deception.

  • Стефан Евгений

    Gloria, nice that you went to vespers, be brave and talk to the priest. You may find a home with us. I am here to help, Just ask. And you are correct we are very diffrient than the West, here is something that may interest you.

  • ChiRho

    I too decided to check out Orthodoxy. I am very glad that I did.

  • Kamau41

    May God continue to bless Fr. Pages for boldly speaking truth: “Non-Muslims should therefore understand that if rejected Christ, they will have the Antichrist. The development of Islam in the West is a tough punishment for apostasy. It is therefore necessary to Westerners ask themselves: Do I want to be a Muslim? Statistically, because everything is moving in this direction. Muslims are convinced that they are right and for this reason they are ready to blow up in the air, kill and impose Islam everywhere.”

  • Jack Diamond

    Unfortunate to have to rely on Google (garble) Translate. “Islam exists only to destroy Christianity” is literally true: Qur’an 61:6 “Jesus said I am the Messenger of Allah sent to you confirming the law (which was) before me and giving Glad Tidings of a Messenger to come after me, whose names shall be Ahmad (Muhammad).” So Jesus came to proclaim Muhammad. What did Muhammad come to do? Qur’an 18:4 “that he may warn those who say ‘Allah hath begotten a son'”. And Qur’an 9:30 adds “may Allah destroy them”

    Abbe Guy Pages videos with english subtitles at You Tube channel
    “Islam and Truth”

  • Raph Sebastian

    Amen, brother!

  • Raph Sebastian

    Thank you and God bless you and your household.

  • michelletherese

    There is no other form of Christian worship that can match the beauty and depth of the “liturgical” worship of East and West. I wish you all the best as you seek the face of Christ.

  • michelletherese

    Gloria, if you read the book of Revelations you will see much of the same “liturgical” worship going on in heaven that is also done here on Earth. If you can, purchase or borrow the book “The Lamb’s Supper: The Mass as Heaven on Earth” and this information-packed little book will help with much of the confusion. Although it is a Catholic book it will still explain the Orthodox liturgy well enough. (Most of the prayers are done quietly and privately in the Orthodox Mass I believe? Just as they were done in the Latin Mass. But you can buy books to follow along and read the prayers being said by the priests etc.)

  • Raph Sebastian

    Thank you, I will.

  • michelletherese

    “Nature abhors a vacuum” right?

  • michelletherese

    If you read the actual documents for the rubrics of the Novus Ordo you will see that they hardly changed anything. No alter girls, except when absolutely no male is around to do the job: such as in a monastery. No extraordinary eucharistic ministers unless absolutely needed. The primary music of the Mass being GREGORIAN CHANT, none of this stupid modern music. And the Mass was supposed to remain in Latin, with the vernacular only until the native parish learns Latin, such as in a mission setting. The list goes on and on and on ~ it was the hijacking of Vatican II by Liberals and Feminists who wreaked havoc “In the SPIRIT of Vatican II” ~~ we all know what spirit that happened to be!!

    • Lisa

      Those things that you mention are important, but that’s not what I am referring to. Please do some research on how the Latin Mass was changed to conform to to the new age to put it nicely. I’ve been baptized and raised a Catholic . My husband and I went to daily Mass,and I went to adoration for hours. When I found out what happened at Vatican 2, I was distraught for weeks! I still am! What you think you know…. well,all I can say is the Novos Ordo Mass is not Catholic. Its a new church calling itself Catholic. Its becoming Ecumenical. A one world religion. I’m sorry if my words offend anyone, but do the research. There are tons of websites to learn from.

      • michelletherese

        There are very REAL problems in Holy Mother Church that need to be fought against with prayers and sacrifice and actions ~ NOT via goofy conspiracy theory nonsense and slander. A fool tears down their own house with their own hands!

        As for this nonsense about the New Age stuff and the Novus Ordo not being Catholic etc etc, knock it off! Anyone that believes this is no better then the raving anti-Catholic Fundamentalist nutters that rant and rage about how, “Emperor Constantine corrupted the early church by filling it with Paganism and idol worship and this forced a pure Golden Thread to go underground until the Reformation 1000 years later…”

        And for those that go hide in “remnant” parishes while nursing bitterness against the Novus Ordo Mass: Regarding the REAL problems in the Church, Christ needs warriors **in the pews** fighting back against the Liberals and Feminists ~ not selfish wimps that abandon ship and go find a nice safe cozy comfortable place to HIDE to keep *themselves* happy while the rest of us do all the dirty work and the fighting! All while you deem yourselves the REAL Catholics and the rest of us as deluded morons and idiots. On the contrary! Ya’ll are LAZY Catholics that are only in this for yourselves and your personal satisfaction and comfort ~ you won’t carry your cross and suffer the sacrifices and fight against Satan who has struck the heart of the Church a vicious blow. No, you are cowards and you go hide in basement “churches” muttering in Latin and taking sacrilege fake communion and fake empty sacraments while the rest of us face the raging inferno!

        Fine, so be it. I was a firefighter for years and the raging inferno is terrifying but God hands us the most powerful weapons in Creation to fight back: the *real* sacraments, the Mass, our prayers, the Rosary, HIS BLOOD!

        Only folk like you all that are babbling this same rubbish about
        Vatican II in the here-and-now: you sound just as nutty ans the Fundamentalists and their “Golden Thread” bull doo-doo! Are you hiding in the catacombs with the Mormons, JW’s, and the “pure Bible-Believing Evangelicals” and Lutherans while waiting for another “Reformation” to set you free? Only this time instead of someone like Luther “discovering” a Bible in his vernacular German (was it hiding in the stone wall of his prison cell??) you are waiting for someone to “re-discover” the Latin Vulgate and set things right? You all anti-Novus Ordo lot are so much more superior in knowledge and common sense then 1.6 Billion other Catholics? Whom you will deem “fake” and somehow engaged in mass delusion?

        Remember, PRIDE commeth before the fall!
        Or I suppose I shall have to say it in that MAGIC language of Latin, contritionem praecedit superbia et ante ruinam exaltatur spiritus…

        If we are searching for the original Mass then we must abandon the Latin Mass and sail further back in time and re-adopt the GREEK Mass, perhaps the Saint James version?? Or should we say the Mass in Hebrew and Aramaic? I am sure THAT would be the *real* Mass, yes? God forbid anything is spoken outside of magical Latin!

        But the first Bibles and Masses were all in GREEK, my friends. If you insist on tradition then you’ve missed the mark with the far more recent and modern Latin!

        I am a convert and I spent years carefully researching the Catholic Church, searching through with a fine tooth nit-comb before I dared to take the plunge. You conspiracy theorists assume because me and others like me don’t buy this conspiracy junk and use LATIN prayers and LATIN scripture verses like magic incantations that I am somehow an idiot that hasn’t done my homework. Rubbish! I wasn’t about to do a half-baked job of researching the very Church to which I would submit the very salvation or damnation of my soul. So kindly keep your arrogance and superiority complex to yourselves!

        I love the Latin Mass, it is beautiful. I love the prayers in Latin, they are poetic in a way that English FAILS. But as for me, I will stay in the trenches and help fight in this spiritual battle for the heart of the Church.

        As for all of you that slander the Church:
        Quit your silliness!
        Repent and get right with Christ and His Church.

        • Woody

          Quite good insights. And I like the reference to the Greek Mass

    • Woody

      Yes, quite well spoken

  • Julie

    Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey…are all wanting to spread militant Islam throughout the world.

    Now I found out Qatar is planning to build the biggest mosque in Northern Ireland now in consideration of the Catholics in the south pulling away from their Catholic tradition to vote for gay marriage and abortion, and the anti Catholic sentiment of the north.

    I am seeing photos now of non native women wearing emerald green Muslim garb with bands around their heads in some kind of protest and it is horrible.

    I think of how the Irish are so good with animals, gentle, tolerant…happy and positive..and now this brutal element coming into their country through militant Muslims.

    They leave their faith..Islam comes in. The poor Irish…

  • michelletherese

    A lot of my questions and confusion were cleared up with this book. Dr. Hahn does a fantastic job of showing us how the Earthly liturgy of the Mass (and Orthodox Mass) and the Heavenly liturgy are powerfully linked and cannot be separated. It is so sad that so many churches later abandoned this Biblical worship, which is so alive and linked directly with Heaven, and instead created church services that are very Earth-bound, so empty and divorced and cut off from what takes place in Heaven every single day.

    I pray this book will help you to understand what is going on during the Mass. 🙂

  • Exactly right, Mike!

    Actually, Jesus even stated that such a false prophet would be accepted in their own name (i.e. Muhammad) by those who do not have the love of God within their hearts.

    “…but I know you. I know that you do not have the love of God in your hearts. I have come in my Father’s name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him. How can you believe since you accept glory from one another but do not seek the glory that comes from the only God.” (John 5:42-44)

  • Raph Sebastian

    I already have. While I do not like to talk about clergy and bring ill repute to the Church because of them, I cannot sit by and do nothing in the case of Dolan.

    Dolan has openly marched alongside homosexuals and bringing shame to St. Patrick’s Day in NYC, one needs only to look up what the KoC and Church reports on this.

    His refusal to back down as marshall and to stop homosexual “pride marches” on St. Pat’s Day is also quite stark.

    His tacit approval of giving the Eucharist to practicing homosexuals are documented, also his recent coming out to defend and say that that homosexual “priest” in NY that stole millions from the church to fund his S&M fantasies, were allegations that were made by liars to besmirch that “priest” .

    Dolan has not refused to give pro-abortion politicians namely Joe Biden, De Blasio et al the Holy Eucharist as well.

  • Raph Sebastian

    Jesus is always foremost. I do not know how I gave the impression otherwise. What is SEHION Retreat? Which diocese is this under in Kerala? Who is the priest in charge of this? Does the Major Archbishop of Kerala, Mar George Allencherry know and approve of this retreat?

  • Raph Sebastian

    Is this also the place where Mario Joseph holds his seminars?

    • Julie

      Do you know anything about them? Are they approved by the Catholic bishop?

      • Raph Sebastian

        I did some searching and found it to be authentic and Catholic Church backed. I was listening to the conversion story of Mario Joseph on Catholic Answers he also mentioned the Divine Retreat Center, in Kerala India. Below is the link to his conversion story and and interesting interview with Robert Spencer fro JihadWatch.

        • Julie

          I found Mario Joseph’s testimony in credible..if he is the one. as I won’t have a chance tonight to see your link…he is the one who saw the Koran point to Christ, the Living Word of God through which creation was made???

          • Raph Sebastian

            Yes, that is indeed he.

  • Julie

    As we all are taught, and it is repeated in the Liturgy of the Hours that we place our trust in God alone.
    but we have the Mass, the Word, the Sacraments…and our Blessed Mother and communion of saints to help us.

  • Julie

    The problem is that we hear of an interim bishop possibly representing the papacy…but he will be ecumenical…all religions the same.

    We as Catholics hold our faith in the Deposit of faith….that what was handed down by Christ and His apostles to their successors the bishops.

    Not all religions are equal. True religion is binding and that cannot come except through the papacy.

  • Julie

    You don’t even know what you are talking about. Spend your time growing in the Word of God.

  • Raph Sebastian

    Thank you, brother. I appreciate the info.

  • Julie

    You are assuming that we don’t know our faith.

    We live among so much divisions and fractures and emnity because people do not have the fullness of the Christian faith and solid doctrine.

    What happened to Christianity was indeed the break from religion…religio…to look up…to bind.

    Christ is the Corner stone and the apostles the foundation and not only their faith given to us but the tradition of faith outlined in our catechism.

  • Julie

    They see God revealing Himself through the Word of God without Church and without Eucharist…the Word Made Flesh.
    So I say, it is very important not only do we have our bible in our homes but also our Catholic Catechism…how we understand the Word of God and how we live the Word out…the Eucharist in the Church is the only place where we can truly be fed on Him…both with our minds and souls…

    I agree with you what you are saying ….in America, irregardless of what church they belong to, the more one venerates the sanctity of all human life…the less squabbles and invalidation they have of each other.

    I read how Muslims ran into a Catholic Church in Sri Lanka because only there did they find shelter from the tsunami..

    There should be an international voice to call all Muslims to be free to chose the faith path they wish. We had a young man murdered here in my city because he left Islam and became a Christian…and he now is with the Lord.

    But here…you go down any street, one phrase in Scripture can cause those to get up and worship someplace else disconnected from other believers in the One Lord. We have conventions, retreats, events….but we have still a very fragmented faith and it is also because they are kept back from studying Church history…now Protestant ministers and divinity students are being allowed to study Church history…and they are coming into Christ’s Church…5 patriarchs: Jerusalem, Alexandria, Antioch, Rome, and Constantinople….and I know these incorporate those of India and elsewhere we…one in the Lord…Word Made Flesh.

    I think when the Schism ends…the re unification of the Universal Church will draw the rest into the Lord…all believers bring us that much deeper into Him…but again, we need the truth to fully understand Christ, not just fragmented ideas.

  • Julie

    I don’ t know about that…Ven Catherine Emmerich, a mystic…foresaw some Vatican Council where the bishops came in surrounded by fog…and there was a false interpretation that caused so much destruction of faith in America and Europe…then she said she some bishop take the seat of Peter…and it would be a scene where all religions would be considered equal…seeing the excesses of nationalism, Islam, and others…we know we cannot say that.

    It must be the full deposit of faith in Christ…which is He Ekklesia Katolika…Greek, named by St. Ignatius of Antioch, 107 AD, the name of the ancient Christian church…of the 5 patriarchs…simply, the Universal Church.

    Christ came to be atonement of sin…many hear but only few live it out…so we see in Catholic Church many who dissent from the fullness of faith in Christ. By their fruits you shall know them.

    A bishop cannot assume the seat of Peter, only a conclave of cardinals can vote for a pope.

    So we are on guard when people say…all religions are the same…it is not…only Truth in Christ, the Fullness of Who He is…professed in the Nicene Creed, nothing less, nothing more.

  • Julie

    Came across yours again..Christ is the Cornerstone, the apostles the foundation…Peter the Primary apostle…and the bishop their lawful and chosen successors. The apostles went out to or were sent to found churches…Christ the LifeBlood of the Church.

    Without Christ, we are nothing…

  • michelletherese

    Suit yourself 🙂

  • Julie

    You missed the point…it regards the kind of environment we live in. …and we live by the Lord and in the Lord.

  • Julie

    I live in the most atheistic city in the country. We have nones…they have no need for God….

  • Julie

    My inbox.

  • Thomas Poovathinkal SSP

    They hurt us and we hurt them, where will we end up? HELL. Jesus the Lord taught us, “LOVE your enemies, pray for those who persecute you…..thus be worthy of your Father in Heaven….

    By arguments, fights and put-downs nobody comes to Christ the Lord. Nobody will be attracted to him.

    IF the World is Pagan or evil Christians are RESPONSIBLE for it. We need God’s mercy.

  • Julie

    I am simply stating facts…I work with lesbians….and they have Catholic background…one now has a lighted Sacred Heart candle in her room and I reach out to all….I think you are coming across with the right intention….but am addressing Catholics who are attached to the bureaucracy of church life, participate at Mass, etc., but it is more at a level that is not animating Christ as they can…

    We are preached all the time to go deeper…Western life is too too active.

    • Woody

      Why does he not think you are a layperson? I just heard that there are 77,000,000 Catholics in the U.S.? You, of all people who I have been following for 3 years are very religious and not pompous. You are well schooled, sister.

  • Julie

    I am a lay person.

    Have you been to America?? We have 44,000 different Christian ‘religions’. America’s greatest voting block is Christian and it is totally non functioning all split up because people do not have the concept of true religion…which involves our apostolic transmission of faith…and the traditions in which we live out our faith.

    I studied a good number of years professionally through my bishop, plus I worked overseas in the tropical Africa.

  • Julie

    The bishops are the successors to the apostles and they ordain priests who provide us the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ, and we become His servants.

  • Julie

    But yes…all of us need to be transformed and live by God’s power especially as He is coming to bring the works of man down.

  • Julie

    I think I see where you are coming from…but in every diocese we have those who are on fire for their faith…went to a retreat this am with a parochial vicar….assistant priest to the pastor….

    I don’t need to go anywhere…just to my nearest Catholic Church and go before the Divine Presence Who said He would never leave us. I don’t have money to go to Medgugorje or India…would like to go in some ways…but God is speaking here, too.

  • Woody

    The Orthodox have the same seven sacraments that Catholics do, as left by Jesus.

  • Woody

    Don’t worry about individual problems which even Jesus had when He chose Judas which did not affect the Body of His Church.

  • Woody

    He said also “That ALL may be ONE.”

  • So when are we allowed to fight?

    • Woody

      Good point how about the Crusades which saved Western Civilization … See Our Lady at Lepanto vs Turks. How about Jesus wrecking the sellers in the temple?

  • Julie

    We are free who believe in Christ…irregardless…because God is the Creator of time and space and He is eternally drawing us to Him.

  • Julie

    I hear it in the Word of God Made Flesh…God is beyond God is everywhere.

  • Michelle Therese

    I know when to not bother wasting my time. 🙂 I have far more important things to do ~ such as evangelizing souls to Christ’s Church. Including those that have it all wrong about Vatican II. Have a lovely day!

  • never answer the question and always change the subject

    • Woody

      Right–he is a verse plucker..and as I recall Peter cut off the guard’s ear-_JESUS REPLACED IT, not stopped it And he has forgotten to mention Lepanto