Europe Should Be Happy That Muslims Are Invading Because They Wanted A Muslim Invasion And That Is What They Are Getting

The Islamic invasions of Europe should disturb anybody. Once a bastion and model for civilization, the nations of Europe have become little more than outposts of the Islamic world where violence, degeneracy, and brutality reign supreme and Sharia law is a way of life. The European people, who have watched their lands get destroyed right before their very eyes, are very upset and wondering how they got to this point and what to do.

Well, there are many things which happened to get to where things are today. Yes, there are politicians and bad laws, “liberals” who supported radical immigration policies, and Islamic terrorist activity. But could there be something more that is happening?

Several weeks ago, we reposted a slide from a presentation given by Bernard Connolly, a former economist for the European Commission and an European Union insider back in 2009. He noted that the European Union actually does not want peace in the world or within its borders, but is seeking to use ‘global issues’ in order to assert their dominance in the world:

This is a very telling statement. As we pointed out here, the European Union wants terrorism. They want disorder. They want the European Union itself to fall apart, and the reason they want this disorder is because from the perspective of power, it is another form of the divide and conquer strategy by creating a rift in society, sowing division, and then stepping in with ‘the answer’ so long as more power is given to them, and one of the answers which we have noted is being presented is National Socialism.

This situation is no more obvious today than with the manufactured ‘refugee’ crisis. As I pointed out before, the majority of these people who are coming to Europe have absolutely no financial, logistical, or even basic intellectual mean to get themselves from their native lands thousands of miles away an into Europe in such large numbers unless they were being guided by an outside source. As such, I did an entire piece exposing how the European Union and the United States were working with major NGOs, charities, and private companies through a series of lucrative contracts to literally round up and transport as many of these people as they could into Europe:

People in the West have known for years that their governments have betrayed their trust. But in a new scandal just uncovered in what is looking like one of the biggest betrayals of trust in Western history. Gefira, a company that specializes in European politicay analysis has outed a huge scandal- there is an active collusion between dozens of major companies, NGOs, and humanitarian organizations doing the European Union’s dirty work by providing direct transportation for the millions of Muslim invaders into Europe and they are all being funded by your tax dollars and charitable organizations.

The list of organizations is formidable. These are not just obscure entities, but major organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and Save The Children. A cadre of nations are involved including not just European nations such as Germany, Italy, and Holland, but also nations such as Belize, the Marshall Islands, and Panama, and there are even some boats who act as veritable pirates, providing no identifying information in direct violation of international laws of the sea. (source)

Europe is not being invaded from without. It is being overthrown from within by its own leaders who are using other people to create an illusion of an external invasion, after which these same people then say that to stop the invasion they need to get more power and they are doing so at the very long term expense of their societies and people.

Now it would seem in part asinine for Europe to support Islam so strongly, for as we have pointed out, Islam is easily manipulated but always turns on its manipulators and will try to destroy them. So why would Europe take such a risk?

It seems that, among other reasons such as arrogance and the corruption of the mind caused by extreme power or the prospects of having such power, the reason is because, truly speaking, Europe is in a massive state of decline. The European peoples right now are literally dying out because, simply put, they refuse to reproduce.

Many people in Europe express fear that the ‘native Europeans’ are disappearing from their own lands, and the demographic numbers show this to be taking place. But the next question then becomes, whose fault is this? One may criticize and Arab, African, or Indian for certain problems in society and rightly so, but is it their fault that they are having 3+ children and the European peoples have usually at most one? No, it is not their fault- it is the fault of the European people for being lazy and not wanting to do the most basic commandment that God gave to man- be fruitful and multiply.

The same nonsense in Europe is also here in America. You hear a lot about how “Mexicans” and “Guatemalans” are taking over the United States, and how they have so many children, and so on and so forth. But again, aside from the fact that they are being invited over because they do the dirty low paying jobs that far too many people simply will not do who live here, it is not their fault for having lots of children. If anything, the blame goes to the Americans who for the most part are too lazy or selfish to reproduce.

This selfishness- be it Europe or America- fundamentally comes from the denial of God’s place in these formerly Christian societies. As Europe gave up on God, so they also lost their self-understood purpose in the world, and life’s meaning now comes from the acquisition and concentration of power. However, the void in their society still remains, and explains the reason why the people will not have children- they are too selfish and see no point to it as life is essentially without meaning. Europe has been able to live this way for a long time, but the years of not reproducing and essentially living off of their civilization’s past achievements has finally caught up with them, and so in order to maintain their relevancy they have to stir up problems in order to have a situation they can present a solution to so to maintain their power.

If Europe had a bank account, it has essentially squandered all of its life savings but still wants to maintain its lifestyle. As such, it is taking out credit cards and living off of credit. However, as with all credit cards and loans, they will eventually have to be paid, and Europe is trying to ignore this fact for as long as it can while ignoring the consequences. Ultimately, the only way that it will be able to become solvent is to declare its insolvency, go into bankruptcy, pay off its debts, and start again.

Yes, the Muslims are destroying European society, but Europe brought the Muslims into its society as a form of social credit to extend it current mode of operation instead of acknowledging that the problem is that Europe abandoned God and then returning to God, humbling itself, taking a smaller role in the world, and fixing its own problems. At the current rate, Europe will eventually run into bankruptcy, and when it cannot pay, as in the days of old, there will be a new debtor’s prison, except this prison will be the loss of its societies to the Muslims they brought in. The loss will be permanent, and they will have only themselves to blame because they made this problem at their own hand.



  • Ceirwyn

    Americans are reproducing, and that they aren’t is also a myth. Yes this includes whites in America. Actually, birthrates in America among all groups are on par, with 1st gen immigrants being the exception. By 2nd gen, they are at native levels. And birthrates almost everywhere but Africa are dropping like flies. Not that you will hear this acknowledged.

    That being said, native birthrates drop when work is scarce, which is what happens when you flood a land with foreigners of any kind. The native Europeans are right about this one, no matter how you try to justify the foreigners. These foreigners are active participants with oppressive democidal western governments.

    But you are right it’s all a myth to get power and justify abuse of the native peoples in these lands. Both sides, as with the alt-right and left, are just a sock puppet show with the same group being both hands that appear to be separate. One side plays the bad guys and the other plays the hero, only they’re actually all on the same side.

    A lot of supposedly Christian charity groups are in it to, because they don’t see they are contributing to the issues by allowing themselves to be tools of these monsters.

    • Andrew Bieszad

      There is a lot of blame to go around on all sides, but I find the biggest issue is that Americans and Europeans are simply not reproducing because they choose not to.

      God said be fruitful and multiply- regardless of season. Lots of people- especially American “Christians”- mock families with lots of children, but I find these are the same people who then turn around and complain about the immigration issue while having only one or two themselves because they would rather take expensive trips and eat at fancy restaurants.

      Immigrants do not have such a complex when they come, but it develops as they become more americanized (or europeanized).

      Ultimately, the population issue is less of a legal issue than it is a moral issue- it is the struggle between a eugenicist, darwinistic view of life than a true Christian and lifegiving view. Unfortunately, America and Europe have become leaders in promoting death and perversity- we are merely reaping the rotten fruits of the seeds we planted.

      • Cuzick

        I just started reading CHRISTIANITY IS AT WAR . You did a great job on the foreword of the book . Andrew ended the foreword with this ” If I could summarize in one sentence for why this book exists, it is a reminder of the ways which God has given us for the salvation of souls and to the greater glory of God and honor of His Church, ways which like the old law were once upon a time forgotten but still remain in effects and whose potency is waiting to be realized by a man who would dare to pursue them especially in these dark times. The one who pursues this greater good will find himself a path to righteousness different than what our modern understanding comprehends and does not posses a frame of reference
        for but is on the same way to life which we are called to follow.
        Now that is a journey worth embarking upon. ”

        Let’s Go !

        • “the salvation of souls “.

          Thats they key.Lets go.

          • Cuzick

            Amen Mr. Shoebat . The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. Let us take up our cross and allow the process of Theosis to begin .

      • Ceirwyn

        Well duh, responsible people need money to raise decent citizens. If you are on gov welfare and have kids, you are a bad parent! What you see as greed is actually caring about raising good kids. Most of these migrants are welfare bums, who just want to suck the tit of government. They are bad parents.

        I’m tired of the excuses that are made for people who abandon their culture and nation from pure greed. I have no respect for them. Most aren’t fleeing persecution or war, they’re just lazy.

        • Marley

          “Responsible people need money to raise decent citizens”. Children don’t need money. I vaguely recall a story about a child born to a family with nothing, who worked for no money, owned no possessions and told others they should live like him -kind of like Adam before he ate the wrong fruit-. He was helpful and accepting of all and was hated for it. tortured to death for opposing the system. A system we have all become reliant on for all our needs. Still eating the wrong fruit.

          • Ceirwyn

            Kids need to eat, get a decent education, get medical care, etc. No you don’t have to be rich, but when you can’t afford to live on your own or are barely getting by, you sure aren’t going to be having kids.

      • Robin-Frans Winkel

        I agree that the main reason why people do not have children is because they think they should first have a lot of money and a good job before they marry.

        That said, it is hard to oppose abortion on grounds that it is murder while bombing children in Middle-East with white phosphorus and depleted uranium.

        And what to think of Peter Kreeft, is he promoting Chrislam when talking about ecumenical jihad?

  • Trevor

    While reading this article, I couldn’t help but immediately make the connection to the Protestant revolt against the Catholic Church financed and fanned by Suleiman the Magnificent, who took the title – among other titles of the sultanate – Emperor of Rome.

    It seem the devil knew that to conquer the world, Europe needs to be defeated since Europe was once a strong presence of the Catholic Faith until the Protestant revolt and later Enlightenment took place.

    It would also explain why both world wars mostly took place on the European continent, north Africa, and part of the Middle East, I don’t see why the third world war won’t repeat the pattern.

  • Marley

    I don’t think it’s only Europe who needs to humble itself and accept a smaller role in the world. Almost every person in the developed world is in pursuit of more money, more possessions, a bigger house. All idols to waste your life working for. God gave us life along with everything we need. Everything we need can be found in nature, is renewable and contains life. Everything we create only consumes, destroys and contains no life.
    Maybe that’s why Eden was a garden and Babylon was a city.

    • Ceirwyn

      This is why pretending the migrants are just innocents drives me crazy. They are part of the problem. They are colonists. They are greedy and frequently disrespectful of the host nation and people. God will not be pleased with most of them.

      • Marley

        God sent them. They are the solution. How else would you test the loyal and destroy the faithless. They are our punishment for being stubborn and continuing to follow a path of destruction. The world is full of people who have abandoned God and his message.

        • Ceirwyn

          True, but that doesn’t make them innocent little victims. This is another case of everyone being guilty except those trying to follow God’s will. Walid has brought up plenty of examples of that recently.

  • Péter Lévai

    we are not lost at all. yes there probably will be civil war, but also new elections this year

  • Renato Steri

    Yes, spread the flu and then start selling the vaccines at an expensive price and you get rich

  • Flame blue

    For a long time, the people were told by the politicians that they should limit the number of children because the country, resources, overcrowding were factors damaging to the country. It came as a shock that suddenly the people were told they now needed immigrants to exist, pay taxes, work, etc. The people have been conned!

    Furthermore in Britain Pakistanis keep arriving, and they do not need to seek refuge because of war, or religious discrimination as they come from a land where Islam rules, and these immigrants are Muslims. The Brexit, means different things to the people as to the Government. The British Government want to stop European immigrants, from Poland, Romania, etc, and openly and politically state that fact but will never openly state that they do not want Pakistanis, Somalis, Afgans, etc. In fact they prove that they will not block people from these nations, by bringing more and more of them in. Whole cities are dominated by people from these countries, and the high streets and shopping malls rarely have a European face to be seen.

    Without doubt, people from these nations have a completely different political ideology against democracy, free speech and equality, and the indigenous people have moved away out of the areas where they were persecuted, to safer areas, but more and more refugees and immigrants keep coming, leading to eventually, the indigenous people being forced to move abroad or live in a crowded corner of their land, until even that is intruded on and they have no way to escape hostile fascists, oppressors, criminals, and religious maniacs who oppress in the name of their god.

    Obviously, that is the plan of Governments, but they won’t increase their power through allowing this, they will be removed from power by the newcomers. Many of these new comers claim to be ancient natives of Europe on the bases that they have been in the land for as long as 50 years.

  • Craig A. Mouldey

    That bullet list from AIG is worth the price of admission! This mode of operation has been used for a long time. Everyone in Europe and in North America needs to get our priorities straight. A big change in values. And realise political leaders have a tendency to be our enemy rather than our friends.

  • Craig A. Mouldey

    I forgot to mention the birth rate issue. Look, our countries have killed the workforce by abortion. Not just those killed but the children they also would have had.

    • David W

      The university crackpots brainwashed alot of kids with the myth of the “population bomb”, and one pointy-headed professor at Stanford U (a eugenicist of the lowest order) wrote a book that predicted that the world would run out of food by 2000!

      • Craig A. Mouldey

        You wouldn’t be referring to that miscreant co author of John Holdren, Paul Ehrelic, would you? There is a long list of these monsters: Professor Pianka, Bill Gates, Jacques Cousteau etc. Strange, they never volunteer to be the first to go.

  • Marley

    Enslaved and overworked to fund destruction. Hay and pitchforks don’t make good tools for building.

  • Grace Ziem

    I spent some time researching Soros and what he funds; major funding for boatloads of Muslim males to Europe, all passed off as charity. I don’t think Soros made his money being stupid….

  • Ceirwyn

    Wars come and go, but eventually things get back to normal. At which point all the things I mentioned matter (unless you want to live like a cave man forever). Heck, even if you happen to have land that can be farmed, expect the gov or raiders to show up during war time to take what you’ve grown. And how many adults have this knowledge (agriculture) in the first place? Most lost it at least 3 generations back. Even many of the immigrants don’t know these skills.

    The system is rotten to the core, but having to work to live is all just part of the curse anyway. At least until the robots/AI replace us all, and we split into two separate warring economies. Unless God comes back, it’s not going anywhere and nothing fundamental will change. And no Marxist/fascist/whatever paradise is going to fall out of the sky on us to solve this issue, no matter how much the elites want it.

  • richinnameonly

    I’m sure they think it’s going to bring them power, somehow.

  • James Allen

    I’m sure that the Europeans are overjoyed. Way to screw your countries up, “leaders.”