The Right Wing Is Upset That The Las Vegas Shooter Was Not A Muslim. The Counterjihad Cares More About The Homosexual Perverts Killed In Orlando Than They Do Country Fans Murdered In Las Vegas, Because The Orlando Shooter Was A Muslim

By Theodore Shoebat

The right-wing is upset that the Las Vegas shooter, Stephan Paddock, was not a Muslim (at least that is what we know for now). The Orlando shooting was more important to these counterjihad whores than the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas because the shooter was obviously a Muslim terrorist. I made a video about this:

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  • Brick

    Before I start to watch this video, Ted and my fellow brothers and sisters, I just want to share my piece of thought. I think they are trying very desperately to paint the shooter as a jihadist to no avail. They now even “sided” with ISIS in making up “recent convert” stories. I mean, really, is this how low you are going to go, counterjihad?

    • Brick

      Alright, I have finished the video. I would say behinds the usage of “faggots” is a thoughtful mind. I think the Las Vegas is a inside job – to cause terror on the people about how easily they can get guns and how nuts people are with guns and how psychopath can easily get guns – therefore there will be a outcry/an even greater outcry demands gun control – to slowly but surely take away the American people’s possibility to fight against possible corrupted government (just my thoughts). Can the man recently converted to Islam? Possible, but also not possible. in my assumption, it is possible(though not likely) base on that he could have “converted” as a “recruited agent’ – that is, to continue to present Islamic terrorism as a threat to American people and advance the agenda of eugenic.
      But, it is more likely it is not possible because when we take a look of those Islamic terrorists, we can identify a pattern. First, they usually have a period of radicalization that left records of history. Second, they usually want to go out with a “BANG!” such as shouting “allahuakbar” or public pledge their allegiance to certain Islamic group or Mohammed – which in other words, they want to be recognized as Mujahadeen so they can get the sure ticket to the Islamic paradise. So, the man is in no way a convert even though people wanted him to be.

      • Gloria Patri

        There are suspicious things going on, there was a break in of his house I read today that the FBI didn’t know about. Most of these recent shootings stink of something fishy.

  • mspip

    from a different perspective, I live in Tennessee where there are lots of people that enjoy country music. it was a bit surprising that not much was noted in your article about the human tragedy. the shooter was an evil man who caused death and injury to many who should still be well and happy. among many others a male nurse and his wife were at the music event. these young married people were at the concert. he shielded her body , she lives and he did not. the shooter had many weapons, if there is a human devil this paddock person was it. the funeral of the young man’s funeral is this afternoon not far too from here. this is very sad and heart wrenching.

  • 1Bobby8

    Are you sure the Las Vegas shooter wasn’t a Muslim convert? Because I’m not so sure.
    It just came out today that the security guard shot outside his hotel room door was shot prior to his shooting spree…I’m not sure whether or not it was Islam that was involved, but I’m convinced the shooter didn’t act alone.

    • Brick

      Personally I think CIA is involved, or someone(s) inside the USA government. Hotel can’t detect smuggling of bullets and guns? Interesting don’t you think…

      • Brenda

        There are some things that are fishy, I was watching it live and things were not matching up from the get go, But then too many people rushed in with so many varied ideas. All of the mixed up opinions kind of made the case less likely to ever be solved at least in peoples mind, Even in the case that it actually was or will be solved, Now too many people will doubt it anyhow, and you can’t blame anyone for sometimes overthinking when there’s always such a gun grab attempt.

      • 1Bobby8

        Absolutely Brick, police and FBI changed their story again saying he shot 200 rounds in the hallway prior to the mass shooting at the concert…What are they covering up? I wouldn’t rule anything out.

    • Brenda

      Had he been a Muslim they would have gone on about not all Muslims are terrorist and then interviewing the innocent Muslims etc.. You know the usual routine, considering how that went when it was one in the past. Just my opinion though, too many people have one and I don’t want to add even more confusion to the mix. There will be more attacks of all kinds, People are even going on about blood types and personality, Looking for another reason to hate each-other I guess, It’s going to be non-stop lunacy for a long time.

      • 1Bobby8

        I’m not saying it is Muslims but I wouldn’t rule it out either. Every day they keep changing the story with more “revelation.” I smell a cover up…maybe I’m wrong.

    • DeusLoVult

      I believe the guard tried attempted to force entry and was shot doing so.

      • 1Bobby8

        But why? What did he know? And why so long for police to get up there? To many unanswered questions…I smell a cover up.

        • DeusLoVult

          I don’t know what you’re talking about. He tried to enter and Paddock shot him.

          As for the police, they were up there in 12 minutes. Took 75 for the SWAT team to get there. Which is normal. HOWEVER, they should not have waited. These cops utterly failed in the performance of their duties, in my opinion. Shouldn’t need to wait for SWAT when you have 100 + officers. They could have started firing through the door at him and killed him. Typical government.

          • 1Bobby8

            The fact that they changed the storyline and timeline multiple times raises my suspicion. You can believe everything the police and FBI tells you, that’s your prerogative, but I just don’t buy it.

          • DeusLoVult

            Of course it changed. Things become more clear after the chaos when we have time to examine it. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I don’t see evidence of a cover-up yet. No need to be an a*s.

          • 1Bobby8

            You’re telling me they “didn’t” know the security guard was shot before the shooting and just now they found that out??? Sorry, call me anything you want, you can even call me an a*s, I just don’t buy it.

          • DeusLoVult

            I see conflicting reports. You’re jumping to conclusions with little evidence.

  • Brenda

    Exactly, it p*sses me off all the IQ talk too, Who does these IQ tests anyhow? Colleges, Oh like the same ones everyone is complaining about because of the liberal professors? There are some people that have videos out that at first would sound good and reasonable to anyone.. and then BAM they gotta toss that in the mix and other obvious hints of supremacy ideas, It does exist, sometimes it’s harder to see those things I think becasue were just not interested in the type, Some of the people Ted talks about I have never been naturally drawn to I’d have to force myself to know those people all that well, LOL!

  • obfuscation100

    Las Vegas was another false flag.

    We have not way of knowing if what we are told is true. TPTB want us confused because then we have no clear course of action. It doesn’t matter whether the assassin was a Martian or a Muslim, the agenda to demoralize and destroy white Americans is at the core of all this. Communists, Zionists, Freemasons and Islamists all have one goal in common: the destruction of Christianity. That is why they have formed an alliance.

    Islamist males of military age are being imported, under the aegis of the UN/Refugee Resettlement Program, to do the wet ops on white Americans.

    No average American could get a hold of the weapons alleged to be in the assassin’s possession, much less get them into a fancy hotel in Las Vegas using the sefrvice elevator. Gun disarmament is the objective of TPTB because, like all tyrannies, they do not want to be challenged or dethroned.

  • Sally Bode

    There were other guns being shot in other locations such as the Bellagio, the media has not listened to what the people who were there were saying, that there were more people involved.

    No one cares if it is a homegrown Muslim or from the Middle East, they just don’t want to go on vacation and get shot. This was done to hurt the economy and to take guns away from Americans. Yes, things like the customization to his guns to turn them into machine guns was up for being banned but Obama liked the device and took it off the banned list. Did he have something in mind???

    I live with Black and Hispanic neighbors, no one thinks anything about if a person has a darker complexion, we are neighbors and look out for one another.

  • jimmy

    “Caucasian men are viewed as the good people and saints, while men of color are vilified as being the devil which is sad!”

    Who holds these views?

    • 1Bobby8

      Certainly not the mainstream media.

  • Grace Ziem

    Recent evidence suggests this was an FBI operation. And photos of Paddock’s body show unbloodied bullet casings on top of the blood; strongly suggesting he was murdered. This would not have been Los Vegas police (shooting him in the mouth!)

    The agenda includes taking guns from the populace: that’s the Nov 4 agenda as well. The concern is that with the Antifa actions in Nov, others will join in with violence, and no further excuses to confiscate guns will be needed; already after Los Vegas the NRA is wavering…

  • ezekiel22

    Ted, I am sorry but you are allowing your personal agenda to color your reports. Nothing but bad will result.

    Since I do live in Vegas and since I do know people that were there before, during, and after the shooting it is a fact you have not been told the truth. As a matter of record you had better realise there is an agenda in charge.

    The right wing could care less that the accused shooter may not be Islamic. To accuse the right like that is to spread misinformation. Examine again the evidence and spot the lies and then you will see what people are really upset about. Remember the worker bees in town know what happens and to who. Your dad should know not only tactics used by terrorists but also the sound of multiple firearms being fired regardless of echoes. Calibers are different. Look at abnormalities. You see one fact is that if it is openly confirmed that more than one shooter existed tourism and money would get lost. BTW there was more than one shooter.