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Turkish Nationalism Does Not Oppose Islam, It Compliments Islam In Every Way And Will Be Used With German Nationalism To Facilitate The Return Of The Ottoman Terror

President Erdogan of Turkey, known for his colorful speeches, his language sympathetic to a vision of an halcyon Ottoman past, and his ability to channels them into a revived nationalism that has gripped the eurasian nation from the Dardanelles to Lake Van, was unsurprisingly re-elected to his office in June 2018. The man, who portrays […]

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Study Confirms That Christians Leave Church Because They Are A Bunch Of Unbelieving Heathens

Church attendance has been falling tremendously, and many churches have asked why this is happening. In spite of changes to worship style, dress, and presentation, the numbers continue to drop. A recent study has confirmed that it is what we expected, which is that people leave because they stopped believing: A new study by LifeWay […]

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Muslims Attack Christian Converts From Islam In Greece, Threaten Them With Knives And Pour Gas On Them While Shouting “Infidel”

Muslims savagely attacked a group of Christian converts from Islam at a refugee camp in Greece. According to reports they beat them, threatened them with knives and poured gasoline on them while shouting “infidel”: Iranian Christian converts were brutally attacked by a Muslim mob at a refugee camp in Greece last week as police stood […]

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Ignore Iran Because The Caspian Sea Shows That If There Is A Threat It Is Going To Be The War Between Russia And Turkey

  In On Your Majesty’s Secret Service, the world’s most famous spy, James Bond, commented on the flavor of the caviar, in which he noted, “Royal Beluga, North of the Caspian.” Caviar, which are the eggs of the Sturgeon fish and her ichthoyd cousins harvested from either the Black or Caspian Seas, are world famous […]

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