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Major Turkish Politicians Reveal That Erdogan Is Conspiring To Bring Back The Caliphate, And This Is All Happening While Trump And NATO Are Allowing Turkey To Invade Syria And Iraq

Turkey is bringing back the caliphate, and NATO is helping them to accomplish this. According to some prominent politicians in the Turkish parliament, there is a plan being conspired by Erdogan and his ilk to bring back the Caliphate to the center of the religious and political paradigm of the Islamic world. Cem Toker, the […]

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Released World War II Historical Archive Documents Show That Poland Played Major Role In Rescuing Thousands Of Jewish People From World War II Germany

It has been known by historians for years that the allies helped secure the release of Jewish people from the Reich. However, what is less emphasized is the role the the Polish government in exile played in helping facilitate the release. According to recent documents from the World War II archives, it shows that Poland […]

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arkady p

Atheist And Former Supporter Of The USSR Dedicates Himself To Advancing Evangelical Christianity In Russia

In a story out of Russia, a Soviet Athiest, Arkady Polishchuk, has now dedicated himself to helping Evangelical Protestants in Russia: How did a Soviet Jewish dissident, raised an atheist communist, come to be a powerful voice on behalf of Russian evangelical Christians? No, this isn’t one of those “walked into a bar” jokes. It’s […]

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Man Larping As A Woman Walks Into A Convenience Store And Hacks Two Random People With An Axe For No Reason

A man who is pretending to be a woman walked into a convenience store and hacked to random customers with an axe, leaving a bloody mess before trying to flee the scene. In court, the man said it was not his fault and attempted to plead insanity because he said he was on drugs and […]

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Africa Is Now The Most Christian Place On Earth, More Christians Live In Africa Than Anywhere Else

Christianity is exploding around the world, but nowhere like in Africa, where the population of Christians is now the largest in the world, surpassing Latin America: Recent data reveals that for the first time, Africa is now home to the most number of Christians in the world. Latin America held that title previously. An infographic […]

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Religious Group Exposed For Refusing To Give Children Basic Education, Forcing Them To Study Religion All Day

The American education system has been known to be a dismal failure at producing literate, educated, functioning members of society. Some would liken it to a glorified form of babysitting, where students get an education and oversight by adults until they are of legal age to set out on their own, and owing to social […]

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