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Trump Administration Faces Federal Lawsuit For Seizing Bibles From Prisoners And Feeding Them Rotting Food Filled With Maggots

The Trump administration is facing a lawsuit on behalf of 1000 prisoners filed through the ACLU. The suit complains that the prisoners have had their Bibles confiscated from them, their ability to pray and worship curtailed, and as well were given rotten food filled with maggots: Immigration and prison officials have seized Bibles and other […]

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Frederick II

The Story Of The German King Fredrick II’s Acceptance Of Islam, And The Decline And Fall Of Christendom

By Theodore Shoebat For years I have been deeply fascinated by the history of the fall of Christendom. How did it happen? What were the events and the ideas and who were the people that led to her decline and destruction? There is a parallel between the life of Israel and the life of Christendom. […]

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Report Finds That One Person Is Murdered Every 25 Minutes In The War Against Drug Traffickers

The fight against drug traffickers in Mexico and Central America has resulted in thousands of deaths each month. A recent report has found that in the last 60 years since the war began, half-a-million people have died, including 257,000 in the last 11 years: On the magnitude of the internal war that this country has […]

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President Trump Puts Sanctions On Iran, Insults The Iranian Government On Twitter And Threatens War Against Them

Making good on his promise to withdraw America from foreign wars and cease engaging in activity that would cause future wars, President Trump announced recently that the USA is reinstate economic sanctions on Iran and may potentially move towards military action at a future date: The Trump administration on Monday reimposed harsh sanctions against Iran […]

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lgbt church sign 02

LGBT Groups Now Are Openly Attempting To Illegally Make The Church Accept Homosexuality has been warning that pro-LGBT groups will attempt to use the situation with Pope Francis’ statements on the death penalty to try to illegally modify Church doctrine. As expected, LGBT groups responded immediately asking to do precisely what we warned about: Pro-homosexual dissident ‘Catholic’ groups see in Pope Francis’ ‘changing’ of the Church’s teaching on […]

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