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Pink Wave Expected This November As Highest Number Of LGBT Candidates Running For Office Yet Are On The Ballot

In elections, sometimes it is said there is going to be a “blue wave” for Democrats or “red wave” for Republicans depending on how the political sentiments are. However, this November there is going to be a “pink wave” as record numbers of LGBT candidates are running for office according to a report: A record […]

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After 200 Rabbis Oppose LGBT, 600 Rabbis Declare Their Support For The LGBT, Vow To Expand LGBT Rights

Recently, 200 rabbis in Israel stood up to oppose the increasingly powerful voice of the LGBT. In response, 600 rabbis signed a letter swearing their allegiance to the LGBT and vowing to support expanding rights for them: 600 rabbis have signed a letter in solidarity with the LGBT community, after 200 rabbis signed a letter […]

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IRS Recognizes And Gives Tax-Exempt Status To “P*ssy Church of Modern Witchcraft” Founded By Lesbian Lawyer

In addition to churches, there are many strange groups in the USA which apply for tax exemption status. One such group that was recently granted tax exempt status was the “P*ssy Church of Modern Witchcraft”: The IRS has reportedly recognized the Pussy Church of Modern Witchcraft as a legitimate church. The Maryland-based group is dedicated […]

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The sodomite images that were removed from the exhibition

Muslim Minister Demands That LGBT Images Be Removed From Public Photo Exhibition

By Theodore Shoebat I’m going to have to agree with the Muslim guy on this one. As one report from BBC reports: Festival organisers in Malaysia have removed two portraits of LGBT activists from a public photo exhibition after complaints from the government. The director of the George Town Festival said he was “directed” to […]

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Catholic Politician’s Home Vandalized, Condoms Placed On Cross With Words “Shut Up And Die”

A UK Catholic politician had his home vandalized while he was away on vacation. His property was vandalized with graffiti and sex toys, and condoms were put on a cross in his yard with the words “Shut up and die” written on his home: The home of conservative U.K. politician Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Roman Catholic, […]

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cuomo nyc

New York Governor Initiates State-Sponsored Eugenics Campaign To Tell Women To Murder Their Children

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has created, with New York Taxpayer funds, a campaign to attack pregnancy help centers and tell women to get abortions instead: New York State has launched a pro-choice ad campaign meant to direct pregnant women to abortion clinics, which will include promotion online and on subway ads. New York Governor […]

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cult leader in utah

Cult Leader In Utah Found Guilty Of Kidnapping Children And Sodomizing Them, He Declares That He Is The Reincarnation of the prophet Elijah

By Theodore Shoebat Just another sick example of what happens when people think themselves as the authority to interpret Scripture outside of the ecclesiastical authority of the Catholic Church. This freak, who holds himself as the reincarnation of the prophet Elijah, in Utah kidnapped children and committed child sodomy. As we read in one report […]

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The government of Argentina Votes Against Legalizing Abortion

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Argentina just voted against legalizing abortion. As we read in one report from Al-Jazeera: Argentina‘s Senate rejected a divisive bill that would have legalised elective abortion for pregnancies of up to 14 weeks. Thirty-eight senators voted against the controversial legislation on Thursday following a debate that lasted more than 15 hours. […]

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