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China Moves Anti-Aircraft Missiles Into Zimbabwe In Show Of Military Force, Or Vietnam 3.0 And Why The British Gave Up Control Over Hong Kong In 1997

In a show of China’s emerging military power, she just placed anti-aircraft missiles into Zimbabwe at a time that she is expanding her holdings over strategic mineral and ore deposits in the southern part of Africa: In what all but amounts to turning Harare into a satellite outpost of Beijing, China has reportedly deployed and […]

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Major Russian Government Official Declares: ‘Now Is The Time To Destroy All Terrorists In Syria.’

By Theodore Shoebat Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova recently declared that now is the time to destroy all terrorists in Syria. As we read in one report from SANA: Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova stressed that the conditions are ripe in Syria for achieving a qualitative leap towards the best, and the return […]

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Racist Hindu Terrorists Want The Word “Secular” Removed From The Indian Constitution So They Can Progress With Creating A Hindu Ethnostate has been following the situation in India closely as Hindu racists, in the name of nationalism, are seeking to turn India into a Hindu ethnostate and murder or forcibly convert all non-Hindus to Hinduism. The nationalists have made many advances and if they continue to do so will be in power so as to […]

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Are The Sodomites Fulfilling A Prophecy Given By A Saint And A Pope?

All things work together for the glory and sake of God, Who is Lord over all. Even those who reject God, in spite of their rejection, will be forced to conform and submit to His will and to acknowledge that He is over all. For as it is written: Therefore God also highly exalted him […]

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