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Islamic Terrorists Invade Refugee Camp And Kidnap One Hundred Families

By Theodore Shoebat Islamic terrorists invaded a refugee camp and kidnapped one hundred families, as we read in one report from Kurdistan 24: The Islamic State (IS) attacked a refugee camp near the town of al-Bahra on Friday, taking advantage of a dust storm to kidnap several civilians. “Once again, the terrorist organization [revealed] its […]

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Sodomite Dresses Up As A Dog, Calls Himself A “Human Pup” And Lives Like An Animal With His Sodomite Lover

As the cultural rise of the LGBT continues, so will the inherent acceptance of the deviant behavior that defines it because it is the indulgence of a man’s innermost lusts. One of such fantasies is the rise of “animal play,” where homosexuals engaged in mock bestiality with each other. Such is a case in a […]

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Doctors Expose Canadian Plans To Murder Sick Children In Hospitals And Not Tell Their Parents Until After The Child Is Dead

Canada is a sick nation in many ways, and one of those is how doctors have recently exposed plans that allow for Canadian doctors to murder sick children without parents consent and not have to tell their parents until after the child is dead: Doctors from a Toronto children’s hospital recently published policies on physician-assisted […]

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Christian Woman And Her Four Children Thrown Out By Her Muslim Husband After They All Become Christians

A Christian woman and her four children were left homeless after her husband, who is a Muslim, became enraged when she and her children became Christians according to a report: Two years ago, Dorika Kabuo and her four children were chased from their home by the one they called “protector and provider,” Dorika’s husband. This […]

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