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First It Was Ted Cruz, Then President Trump, Now Third Republican Candidate Caught Not Just Watching, But MAKING Pornographic Videos And Attacking The Producer

The degeneracy of the left wing and Democrat party is well-known and manifestly visible to all who see. However, as noted, the Republican party is no less suceptible to the same tendencies, albeit at a more drawn out rate to give the impression there is less when it is not so. Just as if the […]

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New Autocephalous Ukrainian Orthodox Patriarch Blesses” Icon Filled With Images Of National Socialism And Occultism

In a shocking move, the recently crowned patriarch of Ukraine is blessing an icon filled with open occult and national socialist imagery: On the October 12, 2018, self-proclaimed “Patriarch” Philaret visited “Holy Transfiguration Cathedral” in the Ternopil region of western Ukraine, to “bless” a massive “icon” of Saint George. However, the the “icon” in question […]

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Preschool Teachers Set Up “Fight Club,” Have Preschoolers Beat Each Other Up In Front Of Each Other And Film It

When parents send their children to a preschool, they ideally want their children to learn something as they are watched. However, what a group of children in St. Louis, MO learned was not their “ABCs” and “123s”, but how to throw punches and do submissions as a ring of teachers has been exposed for running […]

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Woman In North Carolina Abandons Nine-Year-Old And Nineteen-Month-Old By The Side Of The Road

A woman in North Carolina was arrested after abandoning her two children by the side of the road and claimed that somebody took them according to a report: A 38-year-old North Carolina mother has been charged after police said she allegedly abandoned her nine-year-old and 19-month-old on the side of a road. “I know what […]

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Islamic Terrorists Open Fire On Bus In Egypt, Murder Seven And Wound Fourteen

Islamic terrorists have opened fire on a bus in Egypt, murdering seven people and wounding fourteen others according to a report: At least 7 killed, 14 injured after Muslim terrorists open fire on a bus carrying Coptic Christian worshipers heading to a monastery in Minya, about 270km south of Cairo. The archbishop of Minya said […]

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Chinese People Are Hiring Strippers For Funerals

The “four last things” are Death, Judgement, Hell, and Heaven. All must pass through the first two, and the latter two are the final ends of the human race. For those who are judged worthy of being able to go to Heaven, as all of the saints record, most must pass through a period of […]

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The Right-Wing Response To The Left Is More Dangerous Than The Left

By Theodore Shoebat The Right-Wing response in an imbalanced response to an imbalanced situation caused by the Left. The Right-Wing response is just as dangerous as, if not more dangerous than, the that to which it is responding: Click Here To Donate To Keep This Website Going

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