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Deranged Man Tries To Attack Priest On Live TV Mass, Is Dragged Out Of Church Screaming And Swearing

EWTN is one the largest Catholic TV networks in the world. Based in Birmingham, Alabama, she offers mass each day that is broadcast around the world. But in a recent mass, a man attempted to attack the priest at the consecration of the Eucharist, and he had to be dragged out of the church screaming […]

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US Troops Sent To The Border Are Also Preparing For Violence Committed By US Militias

The “migrant caravan” has generated much discussion in the USA, and now there is even more concern as “militias” are heading to the US border and the US military is making plans to deal with potential violent outbursts from them: As President Donald Trump directs thousands of troops to the U.S.-Mexico border in a show […]

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Admitted Canadian Pedophile Who Screamed “I Am The Devil, I Am Going To Kill Everyone” Says That He “Cured Himself” And Now Is Demanding Release From Mental Hospital So He Can Help Children Abused By Pedophiles

There are some crimes in a society that bar a person from certain employment professions because due to the nature of the profession, he might be tempted to commit the same crime again. A bank robber, for example, would not be allowed to get a job in a bank out of fear he might rob […]

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American Woman Advertises For Child Trafficking, Says She Will Trade Her Unborn “Girl Embryo” For A “Boy Embryo”

The Church has consistently warned that the divorce of reproduction from sexuality that began and always has begun throughout cultures with the acceptance of contraceptive measures would have disastrous consequences, leading to the legitimization of murder as well as the reduction of human beings to commodity items, for if a child is but a “choice”, […]

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