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Women On Social Media Who Make Their Money By Their Looks Get Patrolled As Men Report Them To The IRS For Tax Fraud And Evasion

“THOT” is an acronym for “that ho over there”, and it has been commonly used in recent Internet language to refer to women who post sexually provocative photos of themselves online to solicit male attention for validation and in many cases, financial gain. From everything from playing video games to outright prostitution and all things […]

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Christian Pastor Attacked And Beheaded In Nigeria

Violence against Christians in Nigeria continues, as a Christian pastor was attacked and beheaded while being given a rid on a motorcycle according to a report: A pastor and his driver were beheaded in the Cross River state of Nigeria over the weekend as the communal conflict continues to plague the area. The pastor has […]

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Half Of All Businesses In Sweden Declare They Will No Longer Accept Cash By 2025

Sweden enjoys marketing itself as a sort of “society of the future” and so is quick to embrace new, extreme, or odd trends in comparison to the rest of the world. One of these trends has been to push for the elimination of physical cash as a form of payment which is set to overtake […]

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Canadian Sodomites Demand Church Lose Tax-Exempt Status Over Expelling Sodomite

Due to the structure of property tax laws in the English-speaking world, churches are granted tax exemption because without it there is little hope that many would be able to pay the taxes assessed them, let alone conduct their ministries. Because of this, a major target that I warned would be adopted by the LGBT […]

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Major Jewish Groups Declare: ‘The New Testament Is Anti-Semitic. We Need A New Version Of The New Testament To Combat Anti-Semitism.’

By Theodore Shoebat A conference of major Jewish groups recently took place in Brussels in which they expressed concern about “anti-semitic” passages in the New Testament and talked about how a new version of the New Testament should be made to combat anti-semitism: Click Here To Donate To Keep This Website Going

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